Level01 Launches AI-Guided DeFi App on Google Play

By Achal Arya
Published October 28, 2020 Updated October 28, 2020
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Level01 Launches AI-Guided DeFi App on Google Play

By Achal Arya
Published October 28, 2020 Updated October 28, 2020

Level01, the first DeFi platform with AI-guided derivatives trading, launched its main app on the Google play store earlier this month. The project which uses AI technology to complement its smart contract trading ecosystem is now set to scale its footprint in the huge derivatives markets. According to the press release by Level01 on Oct 10, its newly debuted app is already available on Google store with 2 modes: Demo and Real (money). The application touts ground-breaking innovations that are unrivalled in the financial markets, primarily to deliver an automated fair trading platform for everyone.

With a live app on the market, it will definitely boost demands for the project’s native token ‘LVX’. The digital asset which is listed on DigiFinex is currently trading around $0.10 against USDT and BTC with active volume. Listing on Uniswap is being planned and this will be another liquidity booster to the LVX token. This utility token plays an important role in the Level01 DeFi platform; users using it to trade derivatives will enjoy 50% lower fees and can stake it to host trading rooms to earn commissions from traders in the rooms.

Level01 is also at a position to scale its revenues significantly since it is covering the Forex and Commodity markets which are huge compared to the nascent Cryptocurrency market. The global derivatives market is estimated to be worth $542 trillion, even a small percentage of this figure will be significant to Level01’s revenues. Multi markets trading will enable Level01 to expand its client base beyond the Cryptocurrency market. Notably, the platform is structured to facilitate the exchange of derivatives contracts in both crypto and traditional markets.

AI Value Proposition in Decentralized Derivatives Trading

Unlike most P2P derivatives trading platforms, the Level01 pricing approach is quite innovative since the project combines AI, big data and decentralization to provide its clients time-accurate prices with risk and reward predictions, thereby ensuring everyone is trading on equal footing. Level01 has been able to achieve this through its proprietary FairSense AI; the AI’s algorithm shows fair and accurate pricing to both parties of a contract by leveraging cross-stream analytics utilizing real-time data from Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters, something only available to large financial institutions before this app. 

FairSense AI adjusts the value of underlying derivative contracts every second, giving investors a constantly updated fair value from their underlying derivative contracts before it matches with another. This eliminates common problems in derivatives trading such as slippage, human errors and data manipulation. This adjustment is guided by algorithms that have been set to trail the most liquid global markets in order to map out real-time sequences of fair and accurate pricing. Level01 aptly called themselves “The Ultimate Fair DeFi Platform”.

The debut of Level01’s app further boosts the value proposition of this AI-focused fair price discovery ecosystem. To quote Co-Founder Adam Ooi, 

We want to correct the current shortfalls and inequalities of the financial markets and bring back equality and balance to everyone. Blockchain has the ability to complete our vision to make the world better and fairer … This launch on Google Play represents an important milestone in our company that brings us nearer to our goal.”

Level01 Bullish Strategic Partnerships in 2020

Prior to its latest milestone, Level01 had inked two significant partnerships as part of scaling its data resources and market outreach. The company announced earlier this month that it had integrated the popular market data feed offered by Bloomberg ‘(B-PIPE)’, making it one of very few blockchain companies providing trusted data from such a reputable source.

On the DeFi outlook, Level01 is working with a leading digital wealth service provider AGDelta. The two have since combined their abilities in AI-based P2P trading and data-focused distributions to enhance liquidity and provide thriving opportunities for advanced crypto investments. AGDelta CEO, Andrew Au, is bullish on the prospect of this partnership,

“This collaboration with Level01 Technologies is a logical step to combine best of breed buy and sell side capabilities to meet market demand for increasingly interesting private, alternative and digital asset opportunities.”


While the price effect on LVX token may take time to reflect these latest developments, the Level01 DeFi platform could be looking at next level adoption. An increase in users could ultimately increase the value of its LVX utility token alongside increase in trading on the platform and demand of the same in listed crypto exchanges. With the current bearish market sentiments, it’s potential is grossly undervalued and it is only a matter of time before this token climbs the charts.


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