MemeDogeCoin – Bringing Memes to the Blockchain

By Stan Peterson
Published January 11, 2022 Updated January 11, 2022

MemeDogeCoin – Bringing Memes to the Blockchain

By Stan Peterson
Published January 11, 2022 Updated January 11, 2022

The word “meme” as described by celebrated biologist and author Richard Dawkins are ideas and actions that spread socially from person to person. In the age of social media, memes have come at the forefront, encompassing everything from videos or GIFs with a funny caption to real-world actions, ideas, spoken phrases and even fashion styles.

About MemeDogeCoin

MemeDogeCoin is a meme cryptocurrency that is designed to combine all of the beloved and unique features observed in the meme coin market. The project is aimed at providing incentives to community members to join campaigns like viral meme marketing and meme contests. It will also have its ecosystem shortly.

Why Choose MemeDogeCoin?

As mentioned before, MemeDogeCoin will include all of the most beloved and popular features that one would find with any other successful meme-based cryptocurrency on the market. However, there are certain features with stand out in the case of MemeDogeCoin.

  • MemeDoge Swap

MemeDogeCoin is expected to develop its own Decentralized Exchange (DEX) which will provide liquidity to MemeDogeCoin as well as other tokens to be announced later. To ensure liquidity pools are sturdy, the DEX will implement LP farming/staking. This will allow investors to gain some passive yield.

  • MemeDoge Wallet

The MemeDoge Wallet is a reliable online wallet that will make sending, receiving and using tokens as easy as transacting using a brokerage or an online payment system. The Wallet is expected to be fully released along with the proposed MemeDoge game.

  • MemeDoge Game

The MemeDogeCoin community is working on launching a proprietary game within the MemeDogeCoin ecosystem called the MemeDoge game.  It will include all of the latest features that one finds in hit P2E games online. The game will allow players to win MemeDoge tokens by staking their NFTs and can trade them in the NFT market. The game will feature other features such as advanced skills learning, land auctions, village constructions and unions just to name a few.

Future Plans and Roadmap

The MemeDogeCoin team has highlighted their plan going forward by presenting an easy to understand the roadmap for their investors. According to the roadmap, the project has the following milestones to complete:

  • Stage 1: Creating a digital presence for the project by creating relevant social media accounts on Twitter, Discord, Instagram, Medium and others. The coin will also be launched on Pancakeswap.
  • Stage 2: Recruiting marketing gents, launching viral meme marketing campaigns and releasing MemeDoge Nonfungible tokens.
  • Stage 3: Get listed on a centralized exchange and start work on the MemeDoge Swap and Wallet functions.
  • Stage 4: Development of the MemeDoge Metaverse including the launch of the game and official wallet.

Meme coins based on popular memes have become serious business in the cryptocurrency market, despite originally being created as a joke to poke fun at the concept. Popular examples include Dogecoin and Shiba Inu coin which have both surged in value. This is also why the makers of MemeDogeCoin wanted to bring the project to the blockchain.

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