MINE Network Premiers on Leading Launchpads for its Dual IDO Launch

By Stan Peterson
December 2, 2021 Updated December 2, 2021
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MINE Network announces the launch of its dual IDO on two of the most distinguished and remarkable launchpads in the crypto space. The IDO event took place on Moonstarter, an industry-leading IDO platform, and Thorstarter, a multichain Venture DAO and high-ranking IDO platform with a unique launchpad model. Both of these launchpads will make MINE Network’s dual Initial DEX offerings easier. Additionally, expanding their exposure to potential participants for unimaginable success. Currently, the project is prepping up for its listing on a reputed centralized exchange, Kucoin.

MINE Network is a fast-rising decentralized project designed to reduce the growing number of problems associated with the crypto mining industry. As the first standard hashrate token protocol, MINE Network was built with a burning desire to solve miners’ liquidity problems on multiple blockchains, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Filecoin, bringing cash flow to the mining sector while lowering heightened barriers opposing entries for retail miners. 

In addition, MINEverse is an online Hashrate-backed metaverse game where players can examine their calculative mettle and pitch-ax mining skills. The project intends to create an immersive virtual economic ecosystem experience for its players and users. The game mechanics primarily revolve around strategic mining with respect to its core concept. 

An Ecosystem Of Liquidity Mining Solutions

Liquidity mining problems have limited miners from reaching levels of profitability in the sector. MINE Network understands liquidity mining is a means of earning a passive income and is essential to the frictionless operation of miners. hence, the project is building an ecosystem of liquidity mining with its mission to revolutionize the cryptocurrency mining sphere. Aside from being relevant to providers, liquidity mining is also of great importance to decentralized exchanges.

With MINE Network, the project claims that users will no longer experience a lack of liquidity for their assets. MINE is transforming the space by helping miners to liquefy their assets by issuing hashrate tokens that they can easily trade at will on centralized and decentralized exchanges. The hashrate tokens can also be collateralized to borrow  USDT for liquidity.

 Investment Funds Led the $2 Million Fundraise 

Multiple Investment Funds, including Exnetwork Capital, MoonBoots, and Leos Ventures, among others, have successfully led a $2 million funding round for MINE Network. Strategic partners including Skyrim Finance, Kylin Network, Charged Particles, and FOMO Chronicles anticipated Mine Network’s vision. 

The project geared up its marketing initiatives for the IDO and upcoming product launch. Reportedly, the project has a solid roadmap with testnet launch scheduled for Q1 2022.

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