PR: Nagezeni’s competition for Lambo: temperature is rising

Guest Author Press Release published December 13, 2018 | modified April 17, 2019


PR: Nagezeni’s competition for Lambo: temperature is rising

Nagezeni’s trading competition is getting closer to the finish line, and the tension rises each day. Well, no surprise – the supercar, premium watches and 160+ Ethereum coins are on the line! Up to now, five contestants are standing out, though the chances are still equal for everyone. But who are the leaders? And how far are you from them?

No doubt that these questions are currently the major intrigue for all the participants. So, let’s start from the beginning. Top 5 traders at the moment have the following Net Trading Volume rates:

Top 1 – 58759507.21 NZE

Top 2 – 17167955.53 NZE

Top 3 – 10400638.22 NZE

Top 4 – 10286379.25 NZE

Top 5 – 9640577.578 NZE

Now it is your turn to compare how many tokens you have on your Coinsuper account. How many do you need to replace one of the front runners?

Still, remember that nothing is final yet! The image can completely change in a matter of days or even hour. With a little bit of effort, you can welcome the New Year in a Lamborghini, brand watches or with pockets full of Ethereum coins.

Small tip: do not miss your chance to prove to the rest of the market that your trading skills are head and shoulders above everyone else’s. The last meters of the sprint are always the most difficult, but there is no reason to slow down. Vice versa, if you start trading more now, the Lambo will become closer. So, don’t waste precious time, letting someone else to win.

As a reminder, the major trading contest of 2018 will finish by the end of this week, on 17th of December at 23:59 (GMT+8). Those people, who have not been able to participate in the competition yet, still have some time to start trading. NZE tokens are currently traded in two pairs, NZE/BTC and NZE/ETH, and both are viable for the competition.

It is also important to mention that champions will be defined basing on the net purchase volume, which is calculated as the difference between purchased and sold NZE tokens. The higher this indicator is – the bigger is the possibility of getting ahead. Any user who has bought more coins than sold will automatically become a participant.

The final lucky champion of the competition will be awarded a brand new Lamborghini Huracán! What’s more, the organizers will deliver a supercar to any place of the world! Others of top 5 winners will get premium watches and Ethereum coins:

  • Audemars Piguet +15 ETH
  • Harry Winston +10 ETH
  • Franck Muller +5 ETH
  • Rolex +3 ETH

The full breakdown of the prizes is available on the official website of Nagezeni.

Ok, but what about cheating? Is there any way to dance round the rules and win unfairly? No, Coinsuper has established some terms and conditions to ensure an honest competition. The volume of market-makers and contra-trades, as well as the volume of zero-fee accounts, will be automatically eliminated from the contest.

The winners will be announced one working day after the competition. The rewards will be distributed within 7 working days after the finish. Note that top 25 winners must complete the KYC process within 7 days after the winner announcement.

“After days of an intense fight for the first 5 positions, we can finally say that the picture is getting clearer. We can already identify the leaders, but it doesn’t mean that exactly the same people will become our final winners. Actually, the pedestal results can be quite surprising. That’s why you better continue running until the end of the race. Do not miss the train of opportunity which leaves just once,” the Nagezeni team calls crypto community for action.

One thing is for sure, 1000 participants of the grandiose trading competition will not stay without presents under the New Year tree. It is up to you whether it will be a brand new Lamborghini, exclusive watch or socks full of Ethereum coins. So, what are you waiting for? Rush to Coinsuper, trade and win!

To learn more about the contest or solve any doubts, visit Nagezeni’s Telegram and follow the news on Twitter and Facebook.


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