New In Crypto- The Farm House

By Stan Peterson
April 12, 2022 Updated April 12, 2022

The Farm House is the most organic place to plant your Polygon and watch it grow. The Farm House is a type of liquidity mining pool. Here on the farm, we plant Polygon and in return, we’re able to harvest seeds. Most farmers will replant their seeds day over day in order to grow their plot in The Farm House, and as a result, some of them see a return of as much as 7% per day! The most tried and tested way to get the most optimal growth on your plants is to plant and replant for 6 days and to harvest on the 7th day. Additionally, if you’re able to recruit more farmers to join The Farm House, you’re able to increase your harvest substantially. We’ve got acres and acres of pastures just waiting for you to plant and harvest your seeds. Come and check out our pastures for yourself!

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