Nobo Finance (NOBF): Multiple Yield Generating Reflective Token with an incoming DEX

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December 20, 2021 Updated December 20, 2021
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Noboundaries Finance, or Nobo, is a new player in the CryptoSpace.  Nobo, symbol NOBF, is a fully audited reflection token that rewards holders while providing instant liquidity for community securely and growth. Nobo Finance is built on the Binance Smart Chain Network. To this end, it is Ethereum Virtual Machine compatible but is fast, scalable and has lower transaction fee charges.  

The many advantages of Nobo Finance do not stop there.  This is not just a run of the mill reflection token.  The Nobo Team has assembled an aggressive roadmap to include a full service suite of crypto tools.  Shortly after the presale on Pinksale on December 26th, and full launch on PancakeSwap on January 2nd, Nobo will launch Noboswap in mid-January 2022.  Additionally, the initial liquidity is locked for 2 years to provide valuable security to potential holders.

The Nobo Finance Difference 

The Crypto space’s current environment fields some really amazing tokens across multiple blockchains.  However, now that anyone really can create a crypto project, tokens with little use, scams, and rug pulls endlessly populate presales and fair launches.  Investors lose money every day not just because of normal market conditions, but fall victim to unscrupulous developers in search of easy money.  Your money. 

Nobo Finance provides a different approach.  Nobo’s vision includes protection of the consumer and operating within the tenants of honesty, integrity, and trust.  The Nobo team has completed their KYC with Pinksale and their pictures/qualifications are posted on their website.  Not only that, but both developers have been unfortunate victims of scams and rug pulls feeling the same pain as many users across the investing space.  In their research to provide a valuable service to the market, they developed the following vision for Nobo Finance’s functional suite of tools.

NoboSwap – Decentralized Exchange 

NoboSwap will function as a full service Decentralized Exchange (DEX).  This platform is designed to not only provide swap capability but also ICO launches, pooling, staking, and eventually, cross blockchain purchases.  All this with the security of an audited and KYC’d team.

NoboEx – Centralized Exchange

But, Nobo is not stopping there.  Later in the spring 2022, Nobo will launch NoboEx, a full service Centralized Exchange (CEX) to provide all the services you would expect but at a reduced cost to the buyer.  

 Decentralized finance (DeFi) is blockchain technology’s most impactful development. For example, Ethereum and Binance would not be the powerhouses they are today without their smart contracts running decentralized finance applications.


NOBF’s total supply is 300 trillion tokens but over 50% has already been burned. The tax rate is 11%. Broken down, 3% of the tax rate is NOBF holders’ reflection rewards while the remainder will enhance the liquidity pool and marketing eorts.  Initial liquidity is locked for two years automatically after the presale on Pinklock.  

The NOBF community earns incentive rewards when they hold rather than sell their crypto assets. Nobo Finance’s reflection concept incentivizes long time HODLers with returns in proportion to their token holding percentages.

To mitigate the eects of loss of value and negative sell pressure, NOBF token holders pay a tax on each transaction. A percentage of this fee is distributed to holders, while the other goes to the protocol’s liquidity pools.

Consequently, NOBF holders do not need to stake their tokens to earn rewards. Instead, they receive a yield on their holdings whenever a transaction occurs via the smart contract mechanism. But that is not all there is to reflective tokens.

Their holders not only earn more in the hold and earn protocols but could generate more yields by depositing them in popular DeFi passive income generation applications. Besides double yield generation, NOBF will maintain a stable price floor and should be shielded from huge value losses in bear markets.

Join Us Today

  Nobo Finance’s presale is scheduled on Pinksale for 26 December 2021. The token’s smart contract is fully audited by InterFi Network and the blockchain specialist has given the project’s source code a low-risk severity rating.  Additionally, the project developers have passed the KYC process. For more information, you can find Nobo Finance on their professionally managed Telegram chat, Youtube, Twitter, or their website,

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