PR: ABCC Believes Crypto Is The Future Despite 2018’S Heavy Bear Market

Published November 29, 2018 | Updated April 2, 2019

PR: ABCC Believes Crypto Is The Future Despite 2018’S Heavy Bear Market

The 2018 cryptocurrency markets have been exhausting for investors and crypto enthusiasts alike. Overall though, whilst mood is low, prolific figures in the industry have remained ever optimistic about the future of the markets. Prolific figures such as the world-class Digital Assets Exchange, ABCC.

Despite falling markets and reducing values, ABCC are still very optimistic about the future of this industry and believe that the markets will recover from their current state. As a result of this optimism, ABCC continue to push on, working hard to improve and develop their platform, allowing for a seamless trading experience for all users. ABCC believe that by making good projects easier to invest into, they can be a part of a crypto revolution, one that really does promise to change the world.

Calvin Cheng, the CEO and Co-founder of ABCC can be found speaking at numerous iconic events and locations, next up he will be addressing an audience at the BlockShow Asia conference in Singapore. Cheng’s discussion will focus on cryptocurrency in China, in a public address titled ‘A Year After: How the Chinese Crypto Ban Affected Asian Crypto-economics’. By having a very open approach to communicating the future of ABCC’s technologies, Cheng is a part of an open and transparent movement that puts communication first – it really is great to see a CEO of a blockchain firm engaging with their audience in this way.

Leading up to the talk, Calvin has discussed just why he believes the Chinese cryptocurrency band has had a continental effect across Asia, Calvin states:

“The Chinese crypto ban forced many crypto-entrepreneurs to look for alternative locations to base their operations out of. Singapore and Hong Kong benefited greatly from this, especially Singapore. A lot of trading volume also moved to other East Asian countries like Japan and South Korea.”

Like we have said, ABCC are still bullish and thus, really are working very hard to ensure the industry continues to grow with them.

Product growth

The ABCC product continues to promise further growth. The ABCC Pro platform is set to see the addition of stop loss and stop limit functions as well as the introduction of trading indicators from Trading View. Both the standard and Pro versions of ABCC have been designed to make trading more accessible to everyone. With these upgrades in hand, the ABCC experience is set to get even better over the coming months.

Furthermore, ABCC is continuing to explore the addition of new listings in order to allow ABCC to continue to support cryptocurrency projects from across the planet. ABCC want to make token listing easier, many exchanges currently have very specific requirements that must be met before a token will be listed on an exchange. The plan for ABCC going forward is to make this listing process more efficient, meaning ABCC can list tokens for promising projects, in an efficient and fair manner.

Visit the ABCC website to catch their latest listings

ABCC have recently launched their Daily Options product, where users use AT or USDT as a contract to predict the changes of Bitcoin prices. The conventional wisdom in business is to “buy low and sell high,” taking a “long” position and hope the Bitcoin price goes up. However, the reverse strategy can also be profitable: sell high, then buy it back low, taking a “short” position and hoping the Bitcoin price goes down. 80% of the net profits from the trading fees of ABCC Daily Options will be distributed to AT holders. More products of this nature will be rolled out in the coming few months for users with a wide range of risk tolerance.

As we have stated, ABCC remains very positive about the future of cryptocurrency. Their message is simply this – do not worry about the state of the markets today or any other day, look forward to the future instead, because, in the eyes of ABCC, the future is indeed very bright.

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