PR: Crypto Trading Gets Completely Automated as Napston launches a one-of-its-kind exchange

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December 26, 2018 Updated December 10, 2019
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As the crypto industry is evolving, a mature and newer set of technologies are entering the industry. The newest addition to this list is a 100% automated cryptocurrency trading platform which has been recently launched by Napston making crypto trading safer and more profitable.

Napston uses Proprietary Distributed Technology for its new exchange

Crypto exchanges have been a critical element of the crypto industry since the time Bitcoin was launched in 2009. A lot of traders and investor have found a liking crypto trading as crypto markets are extremely volatile which provides some lucrative opportunities for them to make money. But in absence of a trustworthy trading platform, this trading is extremely risky and complex. Till date, there have been over three hundred cryptocurrency exchange but none have been able to provide a 100% trustworthy, risk-free and automated platform for trading cryptos.

Understanding this gap, Napston has recently launched a 100% Automated Cryptocurrency Trading Platform based on Proprietary Distributed Artificial Neural Networks Technology. By using this technology, Napston has been able to create a trading ecosystem that is programmed to accurately predict the market by utilizing the processing power from a variety of independent sources. This ecosystem is used well, could create an opportunity for newbie traders and enthusiasts to earn a passive interest in their Bitcoin and Ethereum holdings.  

Napston has been in the crypto space since 2013, and since then has been helping larger corporate and high net worth individual customers in properly structuring their crypto portfolios. This experience has helped Napston in capturing the crux of crypto trading and portfolio management which it has implemented in building its proprietary Distributed Artificial Neural Networks technology. And this technology now forms the heart of Napston’s automated crypto trading platform.

The Distributed Artificial Neural Networks (DANN) is a network of nodes which are automated and programmed to predict the market with a high degree of accuracy. This accuracy, however, depends entirely on how much processing power is available which Napston has addressed by utilizing the computing power generated by a large and highly distributed network of computers.

Along with this predictive network technology, Napston is offering some competitive and lucrative features to attract traders and investors. These include

  • Up to 1.5% per business day without actually doing any trades
  • Instant withdrawals
  • Referral incentives over 20%, up to 10 levels
  • Get started in 30 seconds
  • Full transparency and detailed reporting
  • State-of-the-art security across the platform
  • Full compliance

Along with these features, Napston is currently offering three attractive trading packages that can be purchased with Bitcoin and Ethereum. Mentioned below are the three packages at a glance.

  • Starter: Minimum $100 in Bitcoin, 1% per day, for 150 days, 3 level referral system
  • Advanced: Minimum $1000 in Bitcoin, 1.25 % per day, for 150 days, 5 level referral system
  • Expert: Minimum $5000 in Bitcoin, 1.50 % per day, for 150 days, 10 level referral system

Napston has also announced a referral program and offers some generous commissions for it.

A senior spokesperson from Napston was quoted saying

“Our just launched trading platform is only about helping you earn the profit on your otherwise dormant Bitcoins or Ethereum without breaking a sweat yourself, “We believe there’s serious demand for that and the customers who have already joined us prove that vision.”

Napston’s predictive technology could be a game changer in the exchange industry and will definitely be a crowd puller. With attractive features being offered, it looks like Napston is making a promising effort to pull traders and investors towards itself. Its only a test of time that will decide how successful it will be to grab experienced and new traders, investors and enthusiasts towards its exchange.  

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About Napston: Napston is a just launched cryptocurrency trading platform built on a proprietary technology called Distributed Artificial Neural Networks. This 100% automated platform is dedicated to helping individuals earn a decent passive interest from their dormant Bitcoin and Ethereum holdings with minimum skill and effort. Napston currently offers three trading packages, offering 1.5% per day and over 20% referral incentives.

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