Railgun Project’s Weekly Community Discord Calls Designed To Help Investors With Questions

By Stan Peterson
April 18, 2022 Updated April 18, 2022
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Investors have questions. That’s true of traditional investing, and especially true of DeFi and blockchain investing. Because this is such a new area, a lot of investors feel uncertain. That’s completely understandable. This is why Railgun contributors are now offering weekly Discord calls, an effort designed to address and answer investors can have their questions.

For any investor new to blockchain, there’s a lot of information to sift through and consider before committing. It’s easier when help is available. Asking knowledgeable community members can go a long way. This also helps bring more investors into the system, as word of mouth spreads.

Railgun’s Developers: We Are Committed to Investor Privacy 

As a privacy protocol, the Railgun system, says developers, was designed to protect sensitive information. Railgun’s system was configured so that wallet information and personal details are not recorded during transactions, an effort to give users and investors peace of mind. Unlike standard financial transactions, blockchain transactions on open ledgers are completely public, so it is a challenge to prevent others from connecting a wallet with an individual or an organization and then being able to see that wallet’s entire financial history. Railgun’s objective, according to system developers, is to provide assurance to investors looking for secure privacy and anonymity.

Blockchain Knowledge Means Safer Investing

Not only do investors value privacy, but they also want the best opportunities for success. That means they need strong blockchain knowledge, but DeFi can feel confusing at first. Although Railgun Discord calls were designed for DAO members who have already invested and staked their governance tokens, there can still be much about this advanced technology that is challenging or difficult. 

Railgun developers believe that having questions answered during a call can make all the difference. Naively interacting with unfamiliar protocols can easily lead to mistakes or even falling for scams. By interacting directly with the community through Discord calls, Railgun contributors aim to help more investors get the information they need. 

While blockchain technology has been around for years now, DeFi is developing rapidly and many investors are unfamiliar with new developments. While this can cause hesitancy, leaders at Railgun believe the knowledge that contributors and developers are ready to communicate and explain any potential issues will help reassure onlookers. The open discussion of a Discord call, says Railgun, also lets numerous investors benefit from the questions others ask, helping more people at once.

Investors Want to Stay Updated

Weekly calls give investors the chance to get their questions answered, but also to hear the latest developments and news. They might hear the latest updates or want to know more about a point raised by another investor in the call, and come up with new ideas. Investors who succeed generally keep making changes to their strategy. Staying up with the latest adjustments is a very important element of this. 

Through interacting with the Railgun community on Discord, Railgun developers say investors have the chance to rework areas that aren’t serving them well. Then, they can take the knowledge they gain each week, and use it to propel themselves and their investments forward. Over time, Railgun believes, this can only lead to stronger, healthier investments in the blockchain space.

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