Real Realm is Evolving the Gaming Industry

By Guest Author
Published November 23, 2021 Updated November 23, 2021

Real Realm is Evolving the Gaming Industry

By Guest Author
Published November 23, 2021 Updated November 23, 2021

The adoption of blockchain technology rose on the wings of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. However, the adoption of blockchain technology is happening at an accelerated rate, perhaps even faster than that of the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies. Daily, companies across various sectors are identifying new use cases for the blockchain industry.

Already, the agricultural, business, aviation, energy, fintech, and creative industries are integrating blockchain technology into their operations. But it’s not just them. Another industry that is fast exploring blockchain technology is the Online Gaming industry. Blockchain technology is fast gaining ground in an industry that has a market worth more than $50 billion.

From the earlier days of Super Mario, more developers are now creating blockchain-driven games. Consequently, the industry has evolved into a treasure trove of emotionally charged virtual reality games that are highly rewarding and enjoyable. Many times, these games are based on real-life scenarios attracting a lot of emotions from the players. Aside from the fact that the majority of these games are now streamed online, users have to use digital assets to fulfill specific tasks and prove their expertise and dexterity in the game.

These blockchain-driven games allow for easier in-game purchases devoid of the problems of traditional transaction methods. Likewise, the secure nature of blockchain technology ensures the entire gaming network remains secure. Also, you can have true ownership of in-game items. One such game that has made the airwaves is the free-to-Earn blockchain-based war strategy game named Real Realm.

How Real Realm Works

Real Realm uses innovative blockchain-based technology along with unique algorithms to curate a unique experience for gamers who use the system. The game has several battle modes, and features designed for all kinds of players including free-to-play, and play-to-earn users. These users can recruit, lend, summon, evolve, team up, and also co-op their NFT heroes– the Mies – into never-ending battles and conflicts within the gaming universe. 

The Mies are warrior characters distinguished by their unique properties based on their elements, rarity, start, and body parts. The unique properties determine what they are worth. Throughout the game, this changes. For example, a Mie powers up every time it absorbs the Orb, one of the four elements. This addition to the character even when the character is transferred because it costs the gamer in terms of game time, energy, and effort to put together. Play-to-earn initiatives allow the transfer of these assets without the loss of the upgrades. 

While Real Realm is not the only play-to-earn game that has been launched recently, it has a unique combination of features that will guarantee its success. Ione such feature is that it is free-to-play meaning you can earn even without spending any money. The innovative game is also community-driven ensuring that the game takes the shape and direction the users want. Already, the community telegram platform has over 90, 000 subscribers, and continues to grow rapidly.

For playing, users are rewarded with tokens and incentives making gaming a legitimate way for people to earn money. These earned tokens are used for trading in the Real Realm Marketplace and for recruiting Mies. It can also be used to purchase diamonds (which is the main currency of the game to purchase in-game shop items). The token is also the governance token of the ecosystem, giving its holders voting rights, and consequently, the right to determine the shape and direction of the ecosystem.

Final Thoughts

Beginning in 2013, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology began to gain popularity.  Thanks to the growing mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology have also gained ground, and it continues to evolve. The gaming industry has taken advantage of this innovation to change the face of the gaming industry.

Using blockchain technology, projects like Real Realm are changing the concept of online gaming. By successfully tokenizing digital collectibles, improving payments, and including an opportunity to earn income, online gaming is set to evolve into something more enjoyable, fund, and totally worth your while.


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