T-series And Hefty Entertainment join forces with Hungama to delve into Web 3.0 to create NFTs

By Stan Peterson
January 25, 2022 Updated January 25, 2022
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A new wave of entertainment and content creation is underway as T-series partners with Hungama Digital Entertainment’s Web 3.0 venture named Hefty Entertainment to explore the modern sectors of non-fungible tokens and the budding metaverse. The Hefty metaverse will be built on Polygon which supports Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development. Both industry leaders are oriented towards becoming significant early adopters of the revolutionary technology that will reshape how individuals consume, create, and distribute content in the coming years.

“We are delighted to extend our long-standing partnership with T-Series and establish ourselves as first-movers into the Metaverse of entertainment. We look forward to redefining content consumption with this Web 3.0 initiative as we find new ways to collaborate and engage with fans. Our partnership with T-Series has strengthened with time. We’re very excited to hold hands with them to enter the metaverse.” Hungama Founder Neeraj Roy stated.

As part of the association, Hungama will be creating NFTs from the vast catalogue of the new and existing content on the T-Series’ platform. The collaboration between the industry leaders will cause a paradigm shift in Asia’s entertainment sector as they work towards becoming valuable pillars in the NFT-metaverse ecosystem. Through the soon-to-be-launched unique NFTs collection, T-series and Hungama Digital are all set to bridge the gap between the crypto world and digital entertainment.

Commenting on the partnership and how the move could bolster the overall advancement of the global digital entertainment industry, Bhushan Kumar, Chairman & Managing Director – T-Series stated:

“We’re delighted to extend our alliance with Hungama, spanning two decades, and enable our community with access to the Metaverse. Having set the ball rolling, we look forward to expanding and enhancing the value of our content that leads to a further and rapid expansion of the global digital entertainment industry.

T-series and Hungama will influence their extensive global distribution network and an enthralling collection of content spanning two lakh songs, 65,000 music videos and 150+ films across Indian languages to further expand the digital landscape as the space see more users.

NFTs are considered the new gateway to the digital economy built-in web 3.0 or the metaverse. Hungama will leverage this to distribute and aggregate unique content in different formats for billions of consumers to harness. With a multi-platform approach, the company will create multiple consumer touchpoints across different ecosystems and target wider audience segments, contributing largely to mainstream adoption of the NFT ecosphere.

Neeraj Kalyan, President T-Series, said “T-Series has demonstrated its leadership position on the back of innovation and adoption of new technology advancements as we have continued to drive distribution across ever evolving digital landscape. T-Series and Hungama’s partnership is built on mutual trust and we will continue to consolidate into more meaningful avenues, akin to our foray in the NFT space.”

With the number of artists that are now fully interested in digital content, T-series and Hungama will open the platform to new audiences from across the world. T-series and Hungama are committed to leading a future full of potential to promote valuable content and immersive experiences. It is poised to be an era of priceless entertainment. 

An Era of Priceless Entertainment to be supported by Polygon Studios

As the world transitions from a purely physical world to an increasingly immersive digital space, the desire of owning a status symbol in this virtual world is in full swing. The NFT hype, now emerging as a highly lucrative opportunity is also partially due to lots of celebrities jumping on the bandwagon, giving it credibility. 

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