Top 10 Must Visit Coin Market Cap Alternatives

By Casper Brown
Published May 19, 2020 Updated June 23, 2020
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Top 10 Must Visit Coin Market Cap Alternatives

By Casper Brown
Published May 19, 2020 Updated June 23, 2020

Coin Market Cap Alternatives

Coinmarketcap is arguably the most prominent coin checking site in today’s crypto sphere. With optimized 24 hours trade volumes, crypto market cap rankings, price charts among other features, coinmarketcap has established itself as a resourceful giant in the crypto industry.


But for all its might, the seemingly over-reliance of crypto traders on a single repository data center that is highly centralized can have its fair share of drawbacks. In 2018, CMC made a rather unpopular decision to eliminate data from south Korean listings, a move that is still blamed for a price crash that occurred shortly afterward.

To avoid such a scenario, crypto traders are currently looking for alternative coin checking platforms. Luckily for you, we’ve rounded up ten of the best Coinmarketcap alternatives below. Let’s begin.

1. CoinGecko

CoinGecko Founded by a group of innovative industry experts in 2014, CoinGecko’s primary focus is on increasing transparency in the crypto industry.

Apart from maintaining top spot as the most transparent coin checking platform, CoinGecko offers additional excellent specks such as price tracking experience, strong market capitalization, and trading volumes. On top of this, it also tracks on-chain metrics, community growth, and other significant events in the crypto world.

2. Coincodex


Coincodex was founded in 2017. Given the difficulties that new traders face in terms of navigating their way around some of the complex jargon in the crypto trade, Coincodex offers various tutorials and how-to guides containing essential information that new traders will find quite interesting to kickstart their trading journey.

A calendar indicating active and soon to be launched ICOs are some of the unique features that Coincodex has added on its platform to enable traders to research some key crypto market analytics.

In addition to that, Coincodex has an Android and IOS app. You can use it to personalize your experience on its platform. Here are some of them and their key features.


  • Keeps traders’ holdings in one place for easy price movement comparison
  • Syncs to Coincodex app available for both iOS and Android mobile phone users


  • Lets you focus on single crypto that most interests you.
  • Once a coin is added to the watchlist, a single click avails everything about the coin that you’d want to see


  • Investors can set a notification alarm to inform when your favorite crypto achieves certain predetermined level.
  • Notification is sent via email or the mobile app.

Market Overview

  • Perfect for tracking the performance of the major crypto market performance.
  • Can track total volumes, crypto market cap, and Bitcoin dominance on the same place.


  • A useful tool that lets you calculate the current conversion rate between any crypto and major coins like Ethereum, Bitcoin or fiat currencies.


  • The platform provides a customizable widget that allows your visitors to see how certain cryptos are performing in real-time
  • It’s totally free and can be embedded on your website

Stable coins

  • A must-have tool for every trader to help you make a comparison for the major stable coins by trading volume, market cap, and price.
  • Eases the process of tracking stable coins that are either stabilizing and those showing huge price fluctuations.

3. OnchainFX


Apart from all the standard features offered by a standard platform like 24 hours trading volumes and price movements, the OnchainFX approach to crypto data is a notch higher. For instance, the site has integrated tools that enable traders to do a side by side comparison of two assets. Also, you can check your coin’s market future worth capped in 2050. Most recently, OnchainFX introduced a checkbox named Price if Normalized BTC supply. It’s an innovative feature that will allow traders to check on coins with price equal to that of Bitcoin.

Although the amount of information available on the platform can be a bit overwhelming for first-time users, the coin information available on the site will impress any user once they get the hang on.

4. Cryptocampare


Established back in 2014, Cryptocompare pioneered in rather interesting features like live chats and live coin prices. The platform avails analysis from over 65 crypto exchange sites which makes it easier for users to make a quicker choice on the site to trade on. Although the layout might be a little disappointing, many will agree that it’s still relatively easy to use, especially for the not so tech-savvy types.

Confusing layout and a limited number of coins listed are some of the platform’s downsides. However, traders interested in some of the major coins will find the platform useful because of loads of helpful information available on the same.

5. Coinlib


Highly acclaimed for its innovative portfolio and price tracker features, Coinlib’s design is meant to impress users interested in a wide range of digital currencies. Currently, the platform avails about 4,680 currencies. Beginners will find this site much friendly compared to other popular sites in terms of locating coin’s price quickly, trading supply and market cap. Other exciting features are price alerts and live crypto market news.

Coinlib might appear like another crypto site optimized for comparison. Still, a crosser look reveals an interesting comparison feature that enables users to compare up to four assets side by side. On a single chart. It’s available on apps that both iOS and Android users can access. The straightforward design of this platform and its ease of use will impress both experienced and new entrant traders.

6. Coincap


Established in 2015, CoinCap’s approach to providing users with unlimited access to real-time market data is exceptional. Despite its busy looking homepage, the relevant features such as market caps, current prices, available coin supply, among others are entirely unobstructed.

CoinCap allows users to view historical price charts by simply clicking on their favorite coins. But perhaps what will interest users the most the availability of CoinCap API. Though the platform’s user interface is not the most attractive, users will find various unique, optimized features that are invaluable to a crypto trader.

7. Coincheckup


Coincheckup is among the recent platforms to join the coin checking sites industry having launched in 2017. The platform’s primary focus is on increasing transparency to the crypto trade.

With that consideration, the platform provides users with an in-depth coin analysis of the coins that traders are intending to purchase, tracking information like trading volume and price charts to help traders make decisions that are fully informed.

The platform’s layout is meant to ease the trading experience for users who would prefer readily available analysis. Also, ranking on the platform is done using a range of different factors like the product that it’s offering, the team’s strength, the responsiveness of the team to questions, community awareness, and the range of active development.

Additionally, each coin’s algorithm performance is rated out of 5 to increase transparency. Though the heap of data analysis and a vast amount of information may be a quick turn off, traders looking to crypto projects before investing will find the platform rather interesting.

8. Live Coin Watch

Live Coin Watch

Traders who prefer a platform with loads of critical crypto data and an easy to use tracking website with an optimized user interface will definitely find Live Coin Watch a sure hit. Launched in 2017, the platform’s popularity is in the league of much older platforms probably due to its ease of use and a homepage that is both easy on the eye.

Live Coin Watch allows users to trace trade volumes, price movements, market cap, and the supply of the circulating coin for the over 2000 currencies. Users who prefer tracking price movements in assorted fiat currencies will find this platform quite useful. Also, Live Coin Watch allows users to choose the frequency that they would prefer site data to refresh.

9. WorldCoinindex


Worldcoinindex is an excellent price tracking platform that has been gaining popularity with both experienced and upcoming traders due to among other features, its user-friendly crypto prices’ visual presentation. The platform offers real-time price information and a list of about 1,500 cryptos.

With over 7000 crypto markets that users are connected to, the platform offers users a chance to interact with more than 100 crypto exchange sites. Additionally, apart from BTC which is the default currency that users can trade with, Worldcoinindex offers additional 13 fiat currencies that allow traders to make purchases directly without necessarily having to convert fiat currencies to BTC first.

10. Coinpaprika


Coinpaprika is quite new in the coin checking arena but has its sight firmly set on coinmarketcap. Although other existing and upcoming websites are experiencing limited growth due to dwindling traffic as a result of the bear market, coinpaprika has surprisingly maintained a positive growth since its launch.

Compared to other popular platforms, coinpaprika offers additional metrics that are associated with its growing popularity. These metrics include mining calculator and the amount of commits statistics that are meant to help users compare cryptocurrencies.

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