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The crypto industry is enormous. With the number of coins increasing in the industry, the number of traders and analysts have also been soaring. However, we have curated a list revealing the top crypto traders of the industry one can follow to up their trading game. 

Over a decade ago, the birth of the crypto industry was initiated by Satoshi Nakamoto who introduced the world to Bitcoin. With time, hundreds of other coins entered the market along with several different people. The crypto industry, today, boasts of numerous currencies as well as enthusiasts. Most of these crypto enthusiasts are traders as the crypto industry has garnered traders raging from the most influential celebrity to the average Joe.

While trading is not everyone’s cup of tea, certain traders/ analysts on crypto’s favorite social media platform, Twitter have been guiding people towards the right way of trading crypto assets. Bitcoin has been struggling to breach 10K, while altcoins have been outperforming the king coin itself. TikTok and Elon Musk’s Dogecoin endorsement has not only surged the popularity of the coin but also its price.

Here’s a list of top crypto traders on Twitter to follow for those who are looking to make use of the alt season or even Bitcoin’s stable price movement.

The Crypto Dog [@TheCryptoDog]

The Crypto Dog has over 198.4K followers on Twitter and is an active spectator as well as participant of the crypto market. This trader has been a part of the industry for the longest time as he started mining Bitcoin back in 2011. While his main focus was on Bitcoin during the initial years, this long time trader has his investments in DeFi as well as blockchain tech. As per his latest chart, ETH is reportedly going to hit $241.

The Crypto Monk [@thecryptomonk]

The Crypto Monk has just 69.7K followers, however, his charts are not limited to BTC, his technical analysis charts also include altcoins. Furthermore, he has his own website dedicated to technical analysis, news, and reviews as well as information about trading. From time to time this trader highlights his viewpoints about precious metals and commodities. One of his charts reveals that Chainlink [LINK] was aiming for an ATH.

LINK had been one of the best performing altcoins and even hit an all-time high of $8.74 during the recent alt season.

Angelo฿TC [@AngeloBTC]

With a follower count of 152.6K on Twitter, AngeloBTC is undoubtedly one of the best traders in the industry. Previously, he was ranked the number one trader by notional profit on the prominent cryptocurrency exchange, Bitmex. He also shares his technical analysis charts on Trading View. Back in May, he had predicted that Bitcoin could surge up to $16k by this October.

Not to forget the memes. AngeloBTC never fails to make his followers have a chuckle. Apart from his TA, this trader is a part-time meme lord.

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UB [@CryptoUB]

This trader’s Discord service is touted as one of the best. The learning material found here is apt for people who have just stepped into trading. He has a total of 24.6K followers on Twitter. His charts mainly range from Bitcoin to prominent altcoins. He is also part of the cryptocurrency trading group, The Haven. His latest tweet reveals his stance on the future of the crypto market. The tweet read,

Nicola Duke [@NicTrades]

This list wouldn’t be complete without a woman. While most of the traders in the crypto-verse are mostly men, Nicola Duke is a trader from London who has about 94.9K followers on Twitter. Apart from Twitter, Duke is also active on Facebook as well as YouTube. With 10 years of experience in technical analysis, Duke’s charts vary from Bitcoins to different altcoins.



Every Monday night she goes live on her YouTube channel discussing price movements along with analyzing charts of different crypto assets.

Jacob Canfield [@JacobCanfield]

Jacob Canfield is one of the most popular traders of the crypto-verse. His follower count on both Twitter as well as YouTube does not have that big of a disparity. He has a total of 61.2K subscribers on YouTube and 60K followers on Twitter. This Bitcoin analyst has an active YouTube channel where he gives his audience tips on trading cryptocurrencies. Canfield has even appeared on Forbes and CNBC. Along with charts, he also tweets about crypto news. His latest tweet was a dig at the recent Twitter hack. The tweet read,

CryptOrca [@CryptOrca]

With a whopping 100K followers on Twitter, CryptOcra has been in the crypto scene since 2013. Though he remains anonymous, his TAs are widely lauded by many across the crypto-verse. Not only is he active on Twitter, but he also continues to publish his technical analysis on Trading View as well. One of his early tweets, he highlights the similarities between Bitcoin and Gold.

Who is your favorite crypto trader? Do let us know in the comment section!

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