The Top-Tier Partnerships that Help Tuk Tuk Pass Race Ahead of the Competition

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The Top-Tier Partnerships that Help Tuk Tuk Pass Race Ahead of the Competition

Plenty of sites help you make travel plans — booking your hotel and flight together is convenient and can provide great discounts. But what about every other aspect of your trip? How do you book what you actually want to do once you arrive at your destination? How do you know which restaurants are worth the money or which attractions to visit first? Some online travel agents (OTAs) provide reviews, but it can be hard to sort the actual reviews from the rest. Tuk Tuk Pass has the solution; they’re a blockchain-enabled all-in-one travel agency and social networking solution, empowering users to do everything from booking their hotel to finding the best restaurants. Tuk Tuk Pass is able to do more than traditional online travel agencies and review sites through both its revolutionary technology and the power of their unique partnerships.

A Specialized and Experienced Partner for Every Need

Tuk Tuk Pass is able to provide a consolidated, comprehensive travel experience through top-tier, strategic partnerships. By working with expert providers and local authorities, Tuk Tuk Pass is able to provide the most valuable information, services, and products for its customer base, while refining the overall customer experience.

But Tuk Tuk Pass isn’t just a consolidation service. Tuk Tuk Pass uses two revolutionary technologies to radically change the way that people make their travel plans: the blockchain and machine learning.

Through blockchain technology, Tuk Tuk Pass is able to create a peer-to-peer service where users can earn credits by posting reviews for other users about goods, services, and accommodations they purchased during their travels. With this travel credit system, Tuk Tuk Pass is able to create an environment in which users can easily connect about transportation, lodging, activities, and other services anywhere in the world. Then, once they’ve planned their ideal trip, they can book everything, all from the Tuk Tuk Pass UI.

Machine learning, on the other hand, is used to provide an unparalleled user experience. Rather than presenting users with an uncurated list of options, Tuk Tuk Pass is able to use big data, combined with machine learning algorithms, to determine the best fit for each user. In so doing, they’re able to act as a complete, artificially intelligent travel agent, learning from users based on their selections and their social interactions.

While machine learning helps Tuk Tuk Pass make the best recommendations for their users, it still needs a database of goods and services to draw from. And that’s where the strategic partnerships they’ve formed come in. With top-tier partnerships, Tuk Tuk Pass can provide their users with a wide variety of options for booking their ideal vacation.

Meet the Partners of Tuk Tuk Pass

  •–Tuk Tuk Pass users will be able to book with over 1.7 million hotels through’s proven services. provides a complete API through which a variety of amenities, activities, venues, and services can be booked, including flights and car rentals.
  •–With rentals available in 160 countries, will give customers access to transportation wherever they want to go. Tuk Tuk Pass is further pursuing additional options, ranging from local flights to bullet trains.
  • Professional Tour Guide Associations–Through professional tour guide associations — such as the Thai Professional Tour Guide Association — Tuk Tuk Pass provides access to a virtually unlimited number of local activities. Local tour guide associations know the ins and outs of their region and are able to provide a far superior experience than many national or international chains.
  • Wirecard–A specialist in payment processing, Wirecard provides global financial services, making it easier for customers to make payments in many different currencies through a secure and convenient portal.
  • Local Restaurants–Users will be able to book with local restaurants, see reviews, and interact with them, all within the social networking and blockchain ecosystem. Coupons, discounts, and other promotions will also be available.
  • Wellness and Spa Services–Health and beauty packages will be easy to find on the Tuk Tuk Pass platform, which will partner with services such as the Thai Ministry of Public Health’s program to make it easier to access local massage parlours, spas, and salons.

Tuk Tuk Pass is a community-driven, all-inclusive service that will make it easier than ever for travelers to create their perfect travel plans. With peer-to-peer services, social media networking, and a number of incredible partnerships, Tuk Tuk Pass offers a robust, flexible, blockchain-driven ecosystem for everyone’s travel needs. For more information check out the Tuk Tuk Pass Whitepaper.

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