5 Best Bitcoin Mixers Of 2020

By Casper Brown
Published April 9, 2020 Updated April 9, 2020
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5 Best Bitcoin Mixers Of 2020

By Casper Brown
Published April 9, 2020 Updated April 9, 2020

After a rough 2019 in which multiple bitcoin mixers closed down, tumblers are on the rise again. This year, they’ve beefed up their security,  loaded with lots of features to provide more anonymity to bitcoin users.


For the uninitiated, bitcoin mixing or tumbling describes the process of combining Bitcoin transactions to make it difficult to trace their origins. A single payment can be mixed with as few as three addresses to as many as millions of transactions within a few minutes.

 Of course, Bitcoin Mixers aren’t the same. Some of them take a long time to anonymize payments while others will do it in less than a minute. There are more differences, such as fees, supported altcoins and the maximum amount of crypto they can tumble.

That being said, we’ve reviewed six of the best bitcoin mixers out there and below are the results in no order.  

  1. Bitcoinlaundry.com
  2. Bitmix.biz
  3. Bitcoinmix.org
  4. Anonymix.io
  5. Bitcoinfog.info

This table provides an overview of the companies:

Parameters Bitcoin Laundry BitMix Bitcoin Mixer Anonymix Bitcoin Fog
Languages English, German, French and Spanish English, Hindi, Portuguese, Indonesian, German, Chinese, Dutch and more English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and more English, Korean, French, German, Spanish & Polish  English, French, German, German and Spanish
Contact Channels Email Form Email & Jabber Email Form Email Form Email Form
Fees 0.0002 BTC 0.4-4% + 0.0003BTC 2-5% + 0.0001 BTC 0.00001 BTC 1-3%
Minimum Deposit 0.0005 BTC 0.005BTC 0.02 BTC 0.002 BTC 0.035 BTC (withdrawal)
Multiple Address Availability Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Confirmations Required One One to Six Three One Six
No Logs Policy Yes (if you manually delete your logs) 3 days (or you can manually delete your logs No Logs 7 days (or you can manually delete your logs) 7 days
Registration Required No No No No Yes 
Referral Program No Yes Yes No No
Letter of Guarantee Yes No No Yes Yes


  • Bitcoin Laundry

Featuring a simple, neat website, Bitcoin Laundry is built for quick BTC tumbling on your smartphone or desktop. It’s a straightforward company that takes you right to what you are after: the bitcoin mixing service. 

Cleaning bitcoin on the website is as quick as providing your receiver’s email address and specifying how long you want the transaction to be mixed. Precisely;

  • Instant payment
  • Three hours
  • Five Hours
  • 12 Hours
  • 24 Hours

You can also split your payment into 2-5 addresses. That said, the next process is to send your payment to a specified address. You can send upto 230 BTC at a very competitive fee of 0.0002 BTC.

As mentioned, Bitcoin Laundry lets you choose whether to delete your logs immediately or to wait until your payment is complete. Regardless, the company deletes each transaction log after seven days.

Their services are so far centred around bitcoin. It would be great if they add more coins to the list in the future. 

Read more in this review article 

Clearnet: bitcoin-laundry.com

Tor Link: btcdryi67te57itq.onion

  • BitMix

Unlike other tumblers, Bitmix.biz customizes its offering to suit all users. For example, people sending small amounts of BTC receive their crypto after just one confirmation. However, high-volume traders have to wait for 3-6 confirmations. 

Similarly, you can avoid paying a high fee if you don’t need your transaction to be anonymized intensely. That said, you can also decide whether you want a randomized fee or pay for the standard charge. Bitmix.biz provides these add-ons to strengthen your anonymity level while using its service. 

For beginners, there is a tutorial video on BitMix homepage, guiding you through the steps for using their mixing service. 

We have comprehensively reviewed BitMix. Read the full article here

Clearnet: https://bitmix.biz

Tor link: bitmixbizymuphkc.onion

  • Bitcoin Mixer

Bitcoin Mix specializes in mixing BTC, ETH and LTC coins. The company features a professionally designed website you can access in fifteen languages. It’s jam-packed with information about its service, particularly its blog.

Not to be confused with Bitcoinmixer.org, Bitcoin Mix has a simple BTC blending service:

  • Choose your coin
  • Insert an address
  • Choose the delay period
  • Send your coins

The company charges a random fee of 2-5% plus an average of 0.0001BTC per transaction. There’s no explanation for this fee model, but many tumblers anonymize charges to offer an extra layer of anonymity.

The mixer aside, you can get commissions up to 65% for every new customer you recommend to bitcoinmix.org. 

Clearnet: https://bitcoinmix.org/

  • Anonymix

Anonymix isn’t your average tumbling website. It’s stylishly designed for ease of use and to convey the company theme of mixing crypto. Its mission statement is straight to the point: Bitcoins without a trace…

To mix crypto on this site, navigate to the ‘Begin Mix” menu category—second from last. Enter your address and choose a delay period: Quick mix or one, three or five-hour delay.

Click “Begin Mix” and you’ll be redirected to a page displaying the address you need to send your crypto to. It also emphasizes that you must not send less than 0.0002 BTC or beyond 120 BTC. 

On the same page, you can take a screenshot of the company’s ‘Letter of Guarantee.’ You can also choose to delete the transaction data if you deem it necessary for your privacy. 

Clearnet: https://anonymix.io/


  • Bitcoin Fog

Bitcoin fog means business when it comes to keeping your Bitcoin transactions discrete. First off, it operates only through a site you can access when you turn on your Tor browser.

Without it, you are limited to a single web page on bitcoinfog.info that provides an overview of the company.  The page notes the company charges a fee of 1-3% and that transactions above 100 BTC take more than 24 hours to complete.

If you are okay with the company’s fees, know that you must create an account before you mix your crypto. KYC is not a requirement, though, so you can use a fake email address to get past the account creation stage.

Another inconvenience with Bit Fog’s service is that it takes six confirmations before it processes payments. Due to that, even small payments can take longer to finalize compared to other tumblers.

Clearnet: http://bitcoinfog.info/

Tor link: http://foggedd3mc4dr2o2.onion


Bitcoin tumbling services allow you to mix your transaction with payments made by hundreds or thousands of other BTC users. That way, no one can link your transactions back to your address, which could potentially help authorities trace you.

The companies compared in this guide are some of the most popular BTC blenders out there. But as you might have realized, they differ in fees, speed and the number of cryptos they support. As such, perform more due diligence to determine which mixer is best suited for your needs. 


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