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Bitcoin is the most valuable cryptocurrency in the market by some distance. It was created in 2009 after the stock market crash by the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto.

Bitcoin is considered digital gold because there is only a limited number of Bitcoins that can ever be mined and this number is 21 million. After all 21 million Bitcoins are mined, there will never be any more Bitcoins available and thus this cryptocurrency is very valuable.

At the time of writing this 1 Bitcoin is selling upwards of 30K USD and this itself shows how valuable Bitcoin is as a digital asset. Although the crypto market is very volatile and cryptocurrencies appreciate and depreciate all the time, Bitcoin is still the most bankable digital asset.

If you want to earn Bitcoins for free but have no idea how to do this then you have come to the perfect place. In this blog, we will talk about BTCclicks and how this website can be used to earn Bitcoins for free.

What is BTCclicks?


BTCclicks is one of the most popular Bitcoin faucets in the market right now. It is a Pay-To-Click or PTC website that pays its users Bitcoins for clicking and viewing ads.

BTCclicks is also an advertising platform if you run a business and want to drive a large amount of traffic to your website.

The owner of BTCclicks is Youssef Gaber and its headquarter is located in Panama. BTCclicks was founded in 2013 and it also has an app for iPhone and Android mobile devices.

BTCclicks pays its user milliBitcoins for watching ads. 1 milliBitcoin or mBTC is equal to 0.001 BTC.

Registering on BTCclicks

Registering on BTCclicks is fairly straightforward. All you need to do is visit the BTCclicks website and sign up by filling out the signup form. Once you do this you will receive a verification email on your email id. Once you verify your email id by clicking this verification mail you are good to go.

Earning Bitcoins on BTCclicks

You can earn Bitcoins on BTCclicks by clicking and viewing ads in the Surf Ads section of the website. You can also earn Bitcoins by renting referrals and referring users.

When you click the Surf Ads section you will be presented with a variety of ads you can watch to earn Bitcoins. You will also be notified about the time you need to spend viewing each specific ad. The pay for watching each ad is different.

When the user clicks a certain ad, he/she is redirected to a new page where the ad starts streaming. You need to stay on the page till the assigned time or till the timer doesn’t end.

After the timer ends, you will be asked to solve a captcha. This is done to verify if you are a human or a bot. There is a bot army that tries to siphon money from these websites and thus this is a necessary precaution that protects the website as well as genuine users.

After you have solved the captcha, mBTC will instantly be credited to your wallet on the BTCclicks website. You can withdraw from this wallet to your Bitcoin wallet when the total mBTC amount in your BTCclicks wallet reaches 0.10000 mBTC.

How much mBTC can a user earn by viewing an ad?

Different ads pay you different amounts on mBTC.

  • If you are watching a 10-second advertisement, you will earn 0.00005 mBTC.
  • If you are watching a 20-second ad, you will earn 0.00006 mBTC.
  • If you are watching a 30-second ad, you will earn 0.00007 mBTC.
  • If you are watching a 40-second ad, you will earn 0.00008 mBTC.

BTCclicks does not have an unlimited number of ads that you can watch every day. You will only be able to watch 10 to 15 ads each day and earn an equivalent amount of mBTC.

BTCclicks referral program 


BTCclicks also has a referral program and it is considered the best referral program in the PTC industry for the money it pays its users. If you are a standard member of the BTCclicks website i.e. you haven’t taken the premium subscription of the website then you will be paid an 80% referral commission for every new member you bring to the website.

If you are a premium member of the BTCclicks website then you will be paid a 160% referral commission for every new member you bring to the website. If you think that you can refer BTCclicks to a lot of acquaintances and make them signup for the website then upgrading to the premium version is a good option for you.

Is BTCclicks a legit website or is it just another internet scam?

BTCclicks has been in existence since 2013 and it has a reputation of being one of the best PTC websites and advertising platforms around. This is a legit website and it does indeed pay its users for watching ads. There are many payment proofs available online and its rating on Trustpilot is high.

Final Word

BTCclicks is a legit website that pays you in milliBitcoins for watching ads. If you are a Bitcoin enthusiast who wants to make a few Bitcoins for free, you can trust this website.

BTCclicks only provides you with ads to watch so if you are someone who wants to earn cryptocurrency by filling out surveys or taking quizzes or playing games online then this website is not for you.

One thing to understand here is that this is not a get-rich-quick website that will pay you a big chunk of Bitcoin just to watch ads. This is a genuine website that pays but it pays in milliBitcoin which is one-thousandth of a Bitcoin. So keep your expectation realistic and you are good to go.

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