PR: Coingape’s take on ARK Mobile Wallet

Coingape takes on ark wallet
Coingape takes on ark wallet

PR: Coingape’s take on ARK Mobile Wallet

Among one of the major events in crypto world was launch of ARK mobile wallet. Here’s all you need to know about this unique mobile wallet.

ark wallet

ARK has launched its much awaited ARK mobile wallet which can be used for voting a delegate, send or receive the balance or for just checking the balance. Not too long ago it announced its collaboration with leading decentralised trading application Blockport which is the technological backbone behind the ARK mobile wallet.

ark wallet

Collaboration with Blockport

ark + blockport

Blockport is a robust, bug free game changing decentralised exchange forming the base for ARK mobile wallet. It eliminates the inherent uncertainties faced by conventional exchanges and makes trading super easy with conventional currencies like Euros. This is directly supervised by no less than CFO Lars Rensing of the ARK. Expect more technological leverage of Blockport channels as in the form of mobile wallet in the future.

Main features

With this kickass mobile wallet application you can do many things with one app. You can import an existing passphrase by simply by QR feature or write or paste your passphrase. You can make a new passphrase, you can set a pin code to restrict access to the profile and keep it safe. It provides you with all the basic transaction types like send, receive, vote, unvote a delegate. The app is able to connect to both mainnet and devnet and makes the option available to you to connect to the different profiles for ARK addresses or networks. You can add new contacts and start doing transacting with them easily. There is an option to check total balance from all the ARK addresses. Another great feature it provides is to backup your wallet, your Pin is all that’s needed to decrypt your data and gain access to it. You can change your pin anytime you want. Finally, if you are concerned and for some reason want to delete all of the data- you can do so with the clear data option. It shows you the current market prices with a report on weekly movements as well. Also, it gives you network status’ overview with an option to change the peer as well. It supports showing the data in various FIAT currencies.

Upcoming features

What’s more, this is just the basic launch. In the times to come the ARK mobile wallet will have more features to which include a dark theme, the support of Ledger Nano S support via On The Go cable or adapter. It is also aiming to add custom network types to the user where user can add their own ARK based chain for instance Kapu, Blockpool etc with the same IP address. The pin used for now to control access will be optionally replaced with fingerprint identity option.  It will send you notifications for every single transaction you do. It will give you features in your own local language and not just English and user will be able to save their generated passphrase to the pdf. These features combined will beat any other mobile wallet app.

The wallet app code

It does not need to sync your app also, just open the app and get going with your business. It’s a hybrid application that has the same code for iPhone and Android to help in the coordinated development that’s made using Iconic framework and ARK’s very own Typescript API that lets you interact with the ARK network using your mobile phone from anywhere, anytime.

How will the team take on bugs?

Also, the mobile wallet is just released in its Beta version and may have some bugs for now, bear with us while we remove them quickly. Please let us know of any bugs you find on Github and we will take care of it from there.

How to keep your wallet safe?

Lastly, don’t forget to save your generated passphrase on a piece of paper or a USB device and test them with small deposits before doing large transactions. Don’t forget that passphrases are YOUR own responsibility so don’t lose them.

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Author: Achal Arya
I am an entrepreneur and a writer with a bachelors degree in Computer Science. I manage the blockchain technology and crypto coverages at Coingape. follow me on Twitter at @arya_achal or reach out to me at achal[at]
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I am an entrepreneur and a writer with a bachelors degree in Computer Science. I manage the blockchain technology and crypto coverages at Coingape. follow me on Twitter at @arya_achal or reach out to me at achal[at]
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