In Furtherance To Its Commitment To Build A School In Every Underdeveloped Nation, Floki Pledges to Build A State-Of-The-Art School In Nigeria, Guatemala And Laos

By Stan Peterson
December 17, 2021 Updated December 17, 2021

Floki, through Pencils for Promise, is investing in the future generation by building schools in underdeveloped countries; its next projects are in Nigeria, Guatemala and Laos.

Floki is a cryptocurrency that was launched after Elon Musk tweeted that he was going to name his Shiba Inu “Floki.” Ever since its launch, it has been met with unbelievable success. With this massive success, Floki committed early on to give back. It started with a $1,400,000 campaign and donation to the Million Gardens Movement. Floki then announced its intention to build a school in every underdeveloped nation, starting with Ghana. Furthering that commitment, Floki is now building a state-of-the-art school in Nigeria, Guatemala, and Laos. 

Floki To Build State-Of-The-Art School In Nigeria, Guatemala, and Laos

Floki is building a state of the art school in Nigeria. The Nigerian school will have six blocks of classrooms and will be fully equipped with a computer laboratory, a library, and will be fully fenced. In addition to the Nigerian school, Floki will also be building a school in Guatemala and a school in Laos. These schools combined will be educating thousands of students who would never otherwise have access to education.

According to 2018 research, in Nigeria there were roughly 81,000 public classrooms for pre-primary education. According to that same research, Nigeria required 146,000 classrooms to house the number of school aged children residing in its country. That means that there was a lack of about 65,000 classrooms in Nigeria. The need for sufficient classrooms for primary school children in Nigeria is much needed, and Floki takes steps to address that need. 

Floki’s Overarching Commitment to Building Schools in Underdeveloped Countries

Recently called the “People’s Crypto,” Floki previously announced that it was working with Pencils for Promise to build schools in underdeveloped countries. Pencils of Promise is a non-profit organization that builds schools and increases educational opportunities in developing nations. They have helped build 575 classroom blocks that are currently serving over 115,600 students in various nations of the world. They boast impacting over 200,000 students across the globe. 

Floki believes education is a basic human right for which many are unfortunately deprived. In Ghana, for example, 17 percent of primary school age children are not enrolled in school. Of those who are in school, 28 percent will drop out before completing primary school. In addition, over 14 percent of the Ghanaian population is illiterate.

Through strategic agreements with forward-thinking organizations like Pencils of Promise, Floki aims to address this humanitarian crisis and serve as a bridge that helps improve quality of life for the mainstream global community. Floki started its commitment with its announcement that it was building a four classroom school in Guana. 

About Floki

Floki is a movement token inspired by an Elon Musk tweet in which he says his Shiba Inu will be named Floki. Floki is striving to provide clear and beneficial utility to its token, all while cultivating a vibrant community around one of the most exciting memes in the crypto space. Floki completes the doge coin trilogy. Dogecoin was the beginning. Shiba Inu coin created a token around a specific breed of dog. Floki creates a token around a specific dog identity.



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