Zilliqa Blockchain Wallet Integrates With Google

By Ketaki Dixit
Published June 12, 2020 Updated June 12, 2020
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Zilliqa Google integration
Zilliqa Google integration

Zilliqa Blockchain Wallet Integrates With Google

By Ketaki Dixit
Published June 12, 2020 Updated June 12, 2020

Zilliqa, the fastest growing cryptocurrency in the market, has been proving to be an exceptional asset for the investors by returning 403.74% YTD. As ZIL token marked its prowess in the crypto market, its blockchain client Zillet announced integrated wallet access via Google.


Access Your Wallet Using Google Credentials

This integration was made possible by the efforts of the company striving to bring the decentralized ecosystem to the mainstream audience, Torus. Its solution has been looked upon as a key management solution as it was a true “Distributed Key Generation” protocol. It allowed diverse applications and dApps to access this system through OAuth and all the credentials of an account.

To keep up with the developmental spree, the platform provided several options to create a wallet, and also inculcated 7 access modes:
1. By entering the private key
2. Through the file Keystore (JSON)
3. Through the 12-word mnemonic phrase
4. Through the ZilPay wallet extension
5. Through the Moonlet wallet extension
6. Through the Ledger hardware wallet
7. With Google credentials

This service will allow users to use different social platforms to login like Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Google, Reddit, Twitch, Apple, GitHub, LinkedIn, Weibo, etc. It is also being used by different tools like Etherscan, Matic, Binance, Ethereum Name Service [ENS], Ontology, Zilliqa, itself, among others. With a fleet of support and system already in place, the service was now fully functional.

The team has also worked upon a way to ease the login using Google. Users can use the following step to login to the wallet using Google:
1. Choose Google as the account you want to log in with and a window will pop-up where the account can be linked.
2. The system reminds the users that the private keys will not be stored or transmitted over the network
3. As users link the google account, the user will be associated with an address through which they can manage the wallet
This would allow users to use the service using any browser and would be more efficient.

The announcement of the service paved the way for Zilliqa’s vision to expand its reach. Staking has been a much-anticipated addition to Zilliqa, and has been driving its price higher each day. The Staking will commence on KuCoin on 18th June and the exchange will be adopting a soft staking approach that will not force the users to lock up their funds to qualify for rewards. Recently, the exchange giant Binance has also extended support for staking ZIL and according to Zilliqa they will announce its launch date soon.

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