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Dogecoin has been all the rage in the cryptoverse since its birth in December 2013. This cryptocurrency started as a joke and then went on to acquire a market cap of $90 Billion at a point. Not bad at all!

At the time of writing, Doge still has a market cap of $11 Billion and its popularity likely won’t fade away anytime soon. If you want to know how to earn free Dogecoin in 2022, you have come to the perfect place.

What is Dogecoin?

Dogecoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that can be used to make monetary transactions as well as P2P business transactions. Dogecoin was created by Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer in December 2013. These two software engineers had never even met before.

They created Dogecoin as a joke but the cryptocurrency soon became popular among Redditors who used it to tip fellow Redditors for doing good deeds on the platform.

Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer both eventually left Dogecoin after a rollercoaster ride, but the cryptocurrency with the Shiba Inu dog as its face is still going strong. And with fans like Elon Musk and Snoop Dogg, the craze of this cryptocurrency won’t fade away any time soon.

There are many ways to acquire Dogecoin such as buying them using fiat currency and mining them, though both these things cost money. If you still want to mine a Dogecoin you’ll need the technical know-how, but they can be mined using an AMD graphic card.

How to get Dogecoin for free? Top legit sites to get started

If you want to acquire a few Dogecoin for free you can do that in three ways. These are the following.

  1.   Using Free Dogecoin Faucets
  2.   Earning Dogecoins through online tips
  3.   Getting Dogecoins Via online giveaways

Let’s look at all the three ways of earning free Dogecoins on the internet separately.

Earning Dogecoins using faucets

Some websites reward their users when they complete certain tasks on their platform such as taking surveys or watching ads. These websites are called Get-Paid-To or GPT websites.

When these websites pay their users in cryptocurrency for doing tasks, they are called cryptocurrency faucets. You can find a variety of cryptocurrency faucets online that pay Dogecoins, such as FREECASH and Freeward.

Users that undertake tasks such as taking surveys, viewing ads, clicking on links, downloading certain apps, completing captchas, and taking quizzes are rewarded with Dogecoins in the site’s wallet.

You can withdraw these Dogecoins from the site’s wallet once your earnings reach the withdrawal limit set by these sites. All you need to do to get these free Dogecoins is create your account on these sites and do the tasks they offer.

It is important to understand here that these sites do not give you a large amount of Dogecoins for your work. But if you set your expectations right, you can get Dogecoins for free and that’s what you set out to do in the first place.

Few Trustworthy Dogecoin faucets

  2. Freeward

Earn Dogecoin online through tips

Dogecoin first became popular in the cryptoverse as a tipping cryptocurrency. Anyone who did good deeds on Reddit received tips in form of a few Dogecoins from fellow Redditors. This method is still a great way to earn free Dogecoins.

All you need to do to get tipped with free Dogecoins is contribute to the Reddit community by sharing good and useful posts. If your posts are appreciated by fellow Redditors then they will tip you in Dogecoin using the tip bot.

If you want to withdraw the tips you have received from fellow Redditors all you need to do is verify your email address. Once your email address is verified you need to send a private message to the bot saying you want to withdraw a certain amount of Dogecoin along with your wallet address. You will receive your specified amount of Dogecoins within a few minutes in your wallet.

Earn Dogecoins via online giveaways


Another great way to earn Dogecoins for free is by entering online giveaways. You can find these giveaways on various social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Twitter is the best platform for finding these giveaways.

All you need to do is type Dogecoin giveaway in the search bar of Twitter and you will find many giveaways. These giveaways will ask you to do things such as retweeting the post and following the account and once you do these things you will become eligible for the giveaway.

The important thing to understand here is that these giveaways are basically like a lottery and the winners are chosen randomly. Hence chances of you winning a giveaway are very slim.

Final Word

Dogecoin is an awesome cryptocurrency that keeps on proving the skeptics wrong. Most cryptoanalysts believed that Doge won’t be able to survive a crypto winter but here we are and Doge is still going strong. Yes, it has shrunk in its market cap, but which cryptocurrency hasn’t?

If you want to earn free Dogecoins then Dogecoin faucets are by far the best way for you to do so. This is because with Dogecoin faucets you get a certain amount of Dogecoins in your wallet albeit they are few.

With other methods such as tipping and giveaways, you aren’t in control. You may get tipped with Dogecoins and win the giveaways, but you may also not.

There are a lot of websites that work as cryptocurrency faucets, hence do make sure the website is genuine and it does pay its users before spending time taking its surveys and other tasks. You won’t want to spend hours completing tasks on a website that ultimately doesn’t pay up. Hence proceed after doing your research.

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