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The music industry has grown from a market value of 45 billion dollars in 2012 to 63 billion as of 2022. This growth is thanks to the digital age where music streaming was born. Music distribution has become much more global, with popular artists able to get their music to their fans quickly. The music industry is far from ideal and improvements can be made. Using blockchain, centralized issues with music distribution are removable, allowing artists worldwide to provide their content to listeners with ease. Blockchain provides automated processes such as advertisement, distribution, revenue and publishing. Listeners are rewarded too, as the blockchain will allow more artists to gain visibility, which supports listeners in finding their perfect artist. Further, some platforms even allow artists to sell valuable, limited or rare songs to their fans for them to own.

Meteora stands centre stage to enhance the music industry. Their platform features vast utility aiming to support both artist and listener. Problems Meteora intends to eliminate include market saturation, lack of ownership, inadequate revenue, musicless social media, publication delays and royalties being lost. Meteora aims to fix many issues by creating the world’s ultimate music platform. Here are the benefits of Meteora for artists and listeners. 

The process is exceedingly simple for an artist as documentation is not needed, publishers are not needed, and neither are recording studios or upfront fees. The artist will connect their Meteora account to their cryptocurrency wallet to gain access to the platform. Afterwards, it is as simple as uploading a track to the Meteora platform where all audio treatment, copyright generation and NFT minting are done automatically. The artist’s wallet will then gain their track as a Master NFT (or what Meteora calls a Music Box). Best of all, any artist can get featured on the platform giving themselves global visibility.

Now that the artist has their Music box, they can choose how they want to distribute it, with everything being as easy as a click of a button. Options include making numerous distributable copies, either limited or unlimited. These can be purchased and stored just like traditional digital music through Meteora Stage, except here assets are truly owned and safely stored in a wallet. Alternatively, the artist could release the track as a one time highly-rare NFT to list on the auction house (Meteora Market). The Meteora platform also features a streaming hub (Meteora Streaming) in which they can have their track rented out or even their account subscribed for full access. 

Revenue is in complete control of the artist and they get to keep 100% of their income. Any money from sales, NFT plays and subscriptions is sent to the artist’s account, which can be redeemed whenever they choose. Meteora, unlike many platforms, offers payment choices, either using fiat (much slower and incurs fees) or their feeless ERC20 and BEP20 token $MRA. 

The benefits for artists are also benefits for listeners. More content created is more music in the world for those that enjoy it. The traditional centralized music industry rewards the popular, rich artists and the upcoming artists struggle. Radio stations, streaming services and more require costly payments for advertisement, whereas Meteora does not. With a level playing field, listeners will be able to purchase, subscribe and access the right music in an easy to use application. Sleek and not intrusive AI even listens to user tastes to recommend the listener their ideal content. Plus, the listener can own exclusive content from their favourite artists, such as a rare track or a limited album. There are also no fees requiring you to subscribe to the distribution platform, unlimited skips and free use of their content. 

With Meteora, everyone has the freedom to create, distribute, own, sell and trade music and NFTs. With the highest quality music, NFTs, collectables and gaming content, Meteora offers the ultimate Music platform, ready to take the industry and metaverse by storm. Visit the Meteora website where the ICO is live.

Being an active participant in the Blockchain world, I always look forward to engage with opportunities where I could share my love towards digital transformation.
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