How To Buy Tokens On The NFT Marketplace And Make Money On It? – Liquidifty Experts Explain

Updated on June 24, 2022

NFT marketplace

If you haven’t spent the last year in the woods, you’ve probably come across the concept of NFT. NFT pictures are trumpeted, celebrities publicize them, ordinary users are interested in them, and NFT-tokens themselves can bring millions of dollars to their owners.

Simple examples of this have long been before our eyes – the NFT token with the first tweet in the history of Twitter, made by the company’s founder Jack Dorsey, was sold for almost 3 million euros. The world-famous Nyan Flying cat gif went under the hammer for 600,000 dollars.

NFT market is easily accessible and very promising for the next 5-10 years. The total profits of those who sold NFTs last year were $5.4 billion. A report from shows that the market for non-fungible tokens grew 21,000% (to $17 billion) over 2021. In this article we will explain how to chase the trend, buy tokens at the NFT marketplace and make money from them.

NFT marketplace – place for you experiments

  • The algorithm for obtaining an NFT-token by the author of a certain digital object is quite simple. It is necessary to register on one of the NFT marketplaces, there are many platforms and apps to buy and sell NFTs.
  • The algorithm for obtaining an NFT-token by the author of a certain digital object is quite simple. It is necessary to register on one of the NFT marketplaces, there are many platforms and apps to buy and sell NFTs.

One of the best NFT marketplaces to gain the whole range of value and advantages is Liquidifty. It is a relatively new and promising marketplace on the BSC chain that provides various tools for digital artists and NFT collectors.

Rather than simply being an NFT marketplace to buy and sell NFT assets, Liquidifty aims to help extract as much value as possible from the assets.

Liquidifty enables you to purchase or sell NFTs from any blockchain. There are also plans to implement NFTs made on Ethereum, BSC, Flow. Very soon users will see cross-chain oracles that will analyze prices for NFTs on different blockchains and estimate the price of each NFT held by platform users.

The highest ranking NFT collections in this NFT marketplace include GameFi projects like Drunk Robots, and Cyber City, as well as the gaming guild Skill Guilds and the NFT launchpad Equinox. All assets are traded for BNB, as is the case with just about any marketplace on the BSC chain.

And it’s only the beginning – follow the trend

Metaworlds are predicted to develop rapidly, the trend of which will continue to gain momentum. This is a direct consequence of the active development of NFT and the hype from Mark Zuckerberg, who renamed Facebook into Meta. The leading projects here include Sandbox, Decentraland, and Axie Infinity. Due to increased demand, the prices of digital assets in Meta universes, particularly virtual real estate and land, are predicted to continue to rise.

“NFT is a very democratic and inclusive market – you just need to have a cryptocurrency wallet, some money in it, and an account at the NFT marketplace. We love the idea that everyone interested in making money with NFT can start right now. It is an exciting and unique opportunity to invest your money and earn thousands or even millions of dollars – no matter what your age, sex, or nationality is”, – says NN, NN at Liquidifty.

Don’t ignore the NFT fever

You can make money with NFT by tracking news and joining communities that already include millions of people. Tokens can be bought and sold, created, and received for free. There are a vast number of NFT marketplaces. All NFT platforms help you to make money as quickly as possible.

The primary strategy of making money is to get the tokens at a lower price or for free and sell them later – when the price is getting higher. When you try to make it several times, you will understand the market deeper, will learn about collectibles, famous artists, and various tricks.

The next big step for this NFT fever is the real world! Technology will elevate and be applied to many other spheres in our life: business, logistics, information technology, and real estate. Don’t miss the chance to be a part of this exciting journey!

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