KuCoin Announces ENDOR [EDR] Listing Today

By Guest Author
Published June 25, 2018 Updated June 25, 2018
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KuCoin Announces ENDOR [EDR] Listing Today

By Guest Author
Published June 25, 2018 Updated June 25, 2018

KuCoin as one of the most significant and trusted crypto exchange markets, endeavor to provide users the best experience in all digital asset processes. It is accomplished by uniting premium assets worldwide and constructing a state of the art transaction platform. And today, KuCoin proudly announces that they have once again listed another promising project called Endor, a well-reputed protocol utilizing artificial intelligence for predictions.

ENDOR (EDR) is now available on KuCoin with supported trading pairs including EDR/BTC and EDR/ETH. EDR deposit is now in effect immediately. Buying starts at 21:30 (UTC+8) while Selling and withdrawal will begin at 22:00 (UTC+8).

ENDOR (EDR) Introduction

Endor is recreating the predictive analytics by revolutionizing the availability of Artificial Intelligence data analysis, making it accessible, trustless, licensing-resistance and advantageous for all. It is attained within the Endor Protocol, advancing the world’s first automated, self-served, predictive platform that enables market users and unprofessional crypto-token holders comparable to inquire complicated predictive questions and get high-quality results in minutes. This points to democratize the field of Data Science that nowadays is maintained mostly for Fortune 500 companies.

The company is based on the novel science of Social Physics emerged at MIT by the project’s team members Prof. Alex Pentland and Dr. Yaniv Altshuler.

EDR Token Utility

The Endor.coin tokens (or EDR ) will be utilized to power transactions on the platform. EDR work as a key or software license, and extra tokens can be used over time to boost performance and system through a community of developers that will be encouraged to extend the ranges of applications. Also, a dashboard will be built for Endor’s administrators to disseminate tokens, monitor usage and purchase more tokens as needed.

EDR Privileges and Economy

The EDR tokens allotted by Endor would be utilized as the payment mechanism for a diversity of services administered by the Endor ecosystem. Perceiving that some of these services would be provided free-of-charge at the opening phase of the project to expedite its growth.

The following are the primary usages of the EDR tokens:

  • Purchasing pre-defined or DIY predictions
  • Payment for data providers
  • Cloud resources for data analysis (AWS or similar)
  • Cloud resources for personalized prediction (AWS or similar)
  • Submitting RFPs (Request for Predictions)
  • Requesting QoS preference for predictions
  • Submitting new data streams for the platform


A team of renowned experts spearheaded Endor company. They are known experts in Blockchain, digital banking technologies and predictive analytics from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab, the MIT Media Lab and MIT Sloan School of Management. Prof. Pentland, one of Endor’s founders, a member of the U.S. National Academy of Engineering, is one of the world’s most-cited scientists, and was lately named by Forbes as part of the “7 most powerful data scientists in the world.” The team has collectively distributed hundreds of scientific papers, dozens of commercial patents, as well as eight books devoted to Blockchain, machine intelligence, and data privacy.


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