PR: ABCC Token [AT] Review

By Guest Author
Published July 26, 2018 Updated July 26, 2018
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PR: ABCC Token [AT] Review

By Guest Author
Published July 26, 2018 Updated July 26, 2018

Cryptocurrency market is still in its nascent stage but the adoption of digital assets is only increasing with every passing day. There are over a thousand tokens in the market today. However, tokens introduced by exchanges are increasingly gaining popularity.

A few of the notable mentions are Binance Coin (BNB), KuCoin Shares (KCS), and Huobi Token (HT).

The reason behind these tokens’ popularity is the stability they offer in comparison to other tokens during the times of a downward trend in the market. Moreover, due to the reason that crypto exchanges are required to trade tokens and coins, the necessity and popularity of an exchange further drive the value of a token.

ABCC Token (AT): Native Token of ABCC Exchange

ABCC Exchange (ABCC) is an up and coming cryptocurrency exchange with its native token ABCC Token (AT).

AT is an integral component of this crypto exchange ecosystem. The role played by this token is to create and share value in the community and furthermore build consensus.

The token’s opening price yesterday has been 0.5 USD and it has already jumped 40 percent as investors’ flock to this exchange token.

The AT token is the central point of the ABCC exchange that involves different stakeholders, retail and institutional investors, blockchain project teams, media among others. As stated by the ABCC team,

“With the help of AT, ABCC will integrate different stakeholders into one tightly integrated community, discovering, and releasing value in a robust and sustainable way.”

The token will act as the enabler of consensus among the stakeholders. To build a strong and long-lasting consensus, the different participants will cooperate and exchange the resources as well as value with each other.

As a utility token works, AT is the medium through which the different parties involved will share value in an open and convenient manner. This will ensure that value flow seamlessly throughout the ecosystem while more value is created in the process.

Value to AT investors

In terms of investment, an AT investor will be bestowed with a wide range of rights. The exchange has created a set of benefits for its token holders.

  • AT members will be rewarded with 80% of the daily trading fee on the basis of the holder’s 7-day AT percentage holding.
  • AT holders will get the benefit of Airdrops as well as ABCC will airdrop all candy tokens from projects. The exchange has already announced its first AT Airdrop worth 150,000 USDT.
  • The members will be further rewarded with 100 percent of candies received from the blockchain projects.
  • Members will also be given the opportunity to participate in the private sale of the token and mining opportunities endorsed by the exchange.
  • The members will also be invited to vote for the coins selection for the purpose of listing on a monthly basis. Here, 1 AT will be equal to 1 Vote.
  • As for Members who trade via Trade-to Mine (ToM) will be able to enhance their mining power by using ABCC’s Computation Power Enhancement Ticket.

This is not all. The company also has the plan to launch an AT Super Miners Program as part of its Trade-to-Mine (ToM). They will be the initiators in the AT ecosystem while granting with a wide array of rights such as exclusive mining hardware and enhanced computation power. More details for the same will be released in August.

Moreover, the exchange will also be open for trading to API users. These users will optimize the trading experience of the exchange’s users by facilitating the liquidity.

AT gets off to a good start

Releasing on July 25th, the token is all set to enter the crypto market. On an early basis, in comparison to other exchanges where tokens increase in the short term but decline in long-term, the value of AT is sustainable in the long term. Apart from voting, in terms of application value, this substitute for USDT will be used in betting and platform activities as well.

In addition to this, on the ecological front, investment institutions, media, and project stakeholders will also allow them to reach a super alliance consensus.

Overall, ABCC is focusing on working with the team, partners and investors to build a healthy, robust and sustainable AT ecosystem.

To know more about ABCC Token (AT), go here


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