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May 5, 2020 Updated May 5, 2020
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Founded in late 2017 and registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Bexplus has been focusing on 100x leverage futures trading for millions of crypto traders all over the world. Currently, Bexplus has run offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Brazil, the US, and the UK and keeps constantly expanding worldwide.

Bexplus is renowned for its easy-to-use 100x leverage trading tool to help crypto traders to find profits on both directions of crypto price changes, whether going up or down, whether in the bull market or in the bear market.

Besides the trading service, Bexplus also provides a wallet system to be a solution for traders to store their bitcoin when they’re not trading. The Bexplus wallet offers an annual interest rate as high as 30% for the stored assets.

Feature of the Bexplus wallet:

Cold-Wallet Mechanism & Anti-hacker

Bexplus runs a cold wallet store mechanisms to store your cryptos. Once Bexplus confirms to receive your bonus, the bitcoin is encrypted with multi-signature and stored in an offline wallet system and gets separated from your trading and saving activities, only when an application of withdrawal can move your cryptos to be transferred to your withdrawal destination. In case of that Bexplus servers are down or compromised (though never happened), hackers are inaccessible to the keys to withdraw the cold-wallet stored bitcoins as they are managed offline and isolated from the Bexplus servers. 

2FA Protection

Bexplus users can bind a 2FA setting to their own Google Authenticator which only grants permissions from their own mobile phones.

No Deposit Fee & Fast Withdrawal

Bexplus charges nothing for the deposit. If users want to withdraw the funds, the application will be processed and done in from 30 minutes to 12 hours. If the user confirms the withdrawal bitcoin address immediately, the payment can be as fast as 5 minutes.

No Verifications (KYC)

Bexplus runs a low-disturbance communication mode. Bexplus does not ask any personal details when you’re signing up and using any other services on the site/app. If you are seeking help via the Telegram, Bexplus won’t abruptly message you until you are well prepared to message Bexplus instead.

Mobile-Friendly for Android & iOS

Bexplus creates a mobile trading experience that is smooth, simple, and professional as it is on the webpage. Search Bexplus to download on Google Play or Apple Appstore for the official mobile apps.

Easy Transfer Between Trading & Saving

The bull market can emerge in any second, Bexplus wallet allows you to move the funds to the trading account to catch the signal immediately, it’s without delay and stop-to-check procedure from the system.

How to earn 30% interest rate with Bexplus wallet

Can I take the interests without doing anything and withdraw out?

Yes, all new clients are eligible to take the interests at the rates above for their first month. You are expected to maintain as an Active User to extend the stand rate. An active user label can be achieved by trading what is equal to 10% of the savings in the Bexplus futures exchange. For example, a user who stores 10 BTC in the wallet only needs to trade 1 BTC in the exchange to remain active. Needless to say, finding at least one signal to trade to make profits every month should be easily achieved for many bitcoin traders. Register now >>>

What shall I do if I’m not familiar with 100x leverage trading?

After signing up, you will receive a demo account with 10 BTC funds inside to let you get familiar with the Bexplus interface and design your trading strategy when you’re not doing real trading.

Can I store other currency which is not Bitcoin? Eg. ETH, XRP, EOS, USD, EUR, GBP, etc.

Bexplus settles in bitcoin but accepts many kinds of mainstream cryptocurrencies and fiat money to deposit, you can find a gateway to swap your currency to bitcoin to trade or save at Bexplus.

How can the Interest Rate be this high?

Operated by blockchain veterans and experts, Bexplus finds the point of balance between trading and saving and have been keeping a healthy financial status since the wallet service is announced one year ago. This promotion shall not be deemed as a permanent offer, please take the current rates on the site as the executing standards. It may be changed in someday with prior notification.

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