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By Stan Peterson
April 14, 2022 Updated April 14, 2022
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Telegram  is a leading high-performance derivatives cryptocurrency exchange that provides numerous incentives for futures trading on its platform, including leverage of up to 50x. In addition, the team recently added USDT margined futures to its trading platform, making it easier for users to trade on the platform. 

With USDT margined futures, established itself as a secure, high-performance cryptocurrency exchange. USDT margined futures are a type of cryptocurrency derivative that enables users to profit from price fluctuations by building long and short positions. It is important to note that USDT margined futures are only available to Unified Margin Mode (UM) users, not Classic Mode users. Unified Margin(UM mode) is an advanced trading and risk management system that adopts a single solution to offer spot, features, margins, perpetual, and options trading. 

It’s worth mentioning that all collateral cryptocurrencies are shared as USDT denominated margins to improve capital utilization and reduce liquidation risk. Anyone interested in USDT margined futures can switch to Unified Margin Mode by following the instructions on the exchange’s website. Furthermore, the platform supports USDT margined futures settlements and transactions, as well as USDT margined perpetual swaps.

Although began as an option exchange, it is now looking to diversify after rapidly growing to become the world’s second largest option exchange. The Unified Margin Account is an innovative feature that shows’s commitment to being a high-performance cryptocurrency exchange while also providing users with a seamless and secure trading experience.

The significance of these new updates is that users can now calculate additional trading variables such as risk control and pnl. Furthermore, one of the reasons introduced a diverse range of financial instruments was to improve the platform’s user experience while aiming to provide users with the best trading experience possible.

One of the team’s innovative actions is its partnership with The Open Network. The Open Network (TON) is a proof-of-stake blockchain founded in 2018 by the Durov brothers, the creators of Telegram Messenger. It was eventually transferred to the open TON Community, which has since supported and developed it. TON will assist in improving transaction speed, cost, and user friendliness. aspires to become one of the most inclusive trading platforms by providing access to a diverse range of innovative financial instruments and making it easier for Spot and Futures traders to trade on its platform. This goal is reinforced by the fact that has the second-highest trading volume in the Bitcoin and Ethereum options markets. 

The platform believes that adding USDT margined futures will help it set a standard for how options trading in the cryptocurrency industry should be done. is well positioned to be a platform that provides more comprehensive trading options to its users, as the platform continues to add more financial instruments to assist users in scaling to the next level.

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