Slotie, the Ultra Utility NFT, Launches WATTS Token

By Stan Peterson
January 25, 2022 Updated January 25, 2022

The current era in cryptocurrency is undoubtedly led by DeFi coins and NFTs as seen from the previous year’s performance. Experts and long-time crypto enthusiasts have surmised that these two are going to be the most valuable asset in the future of the gambling industry.

The timing could not be more convenient for an ambitious project like Slotie which is aiming to be the entry ticket of the world’s largest and fastest-growing online casino network blockchain. The most exciting thing about ERC-721-based Sloties is that it acts as a doorway for holders into the world of DeFi gambling for every holder. Recently Slotie made headlines for its Juniors collection launch which is scheduled for February but now Slotie has launched the WATTS token and once again grabbed all the attention.

Overview of WATTS Token:

WATTS tokens are at the very centre of the Slotie project and its gaming universe which is underdevelopment. These WATTS tokens are the Slotie project’s most sought-after utility tokens that would grow more important as Slotie goes mainstream in future. Since holding a Slotie means having access to its Casino network that would eventually shift from Web2 to Web3, WATTS tokens are extremely crucial to have within the Slotie community.

The relationship between Sloties and WATTS token

If Sloties is a megacity then consider WATTS token its energy. WATTS, accurate to its name, would power the Sloties gaming universe in time. It is generated regularly and is distributed among Slotie holders in the ratio of 1:10. If the participants of Slotie world hold 2 Sloties for 3 months (90 days) they’ll earn enough WATTs (900 each Slotie) to breed.

Below are some exquisite features of the WATTS token and that’s not all, a lot more is incoming according to the Slotie team;

  • All the Slotie holders earn 10 WATTs per day equally as rewards which play a vital role in the Slotie universe and bring balance within the community.
  • As mentioned above, WATTS give you the power to breed Sloties in 3 months. Similarly, if a person holds 2 different Sloties in their wallet then it is possible to receive a special incubator by burning 1800 WATTS tokens.
  • One of the most features of all WATTS tokens is that it provides holders voting rights. By allowing this, WATTS tokens become not only a mere utility token but also an important asset that influence voting on the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).
  • Sloties can be customized in all sorts of ways such as renaming and changing their description with the help of the WATTS token. It takes 100 WATTS to rename your favorite Slotie and 50 Watts to write a description on your own.

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