Unmarshal expands its data indexing and querying protocol to Polygon Network

Published June 10, 2021 | Updated June 10, 2021


Unmarshal expands its data indexing and querying protocol to Polygon Network

Unmarshal, a Multi-chain DeFi data network that describes itself as a protocol delivering granular, reliable & real-time data to dApps recently released a product suite for the Polygon blockchain comprising API suite, notification data and WebSockets. With this suite, dApp developers building on Polygon can now deploy Unmarshal’s Notification API giving off at-a-glance notifications for the app they build to their users, Wallet Balance API to help track user token balances and Transaction API for decoding transaction details.

Top DeFi solutions ranging from dapps like Aave, a money market protocol with its own AMM, infrastructure solutions like wallets and industry top decentralised oracles and dev tooling resources are already leveraging Polygon, making it the go-to L2 solution as of today. 

Polygon comfortably facilitates more than six million transactions per day, by far the highest throughput of any L2 solution out there and also rivalling any Layer 1 chain that currently exists. To onboard more DeFi solutions requiring massive on-chain data to function optimally, it has partnered with Unmarshal, a multi-chain DeFi data network consisting of data indexers and querying tools for dapp developers to fetch data from its growing network.

With Polygon’s complete blockchain data already indexed on Unmarshal, dapp developers can now rely on Unmarshal network to integrate with end-points to fetch rich data they can display on their frontend for their application users. This even adds aesthetic to the fore, helping to improve the overall user experience of users interacting with Polygon as application developers can now render a holistic illustration of on-chain data.

Unmarshal’s DeFi data indexing layer is aggressively being pooled to fetch data by other solutions like Frontier, Zeroswap, Biconomy, Kambria and more. Adding Polygon into its fold solidifies it as the go-to DeFi data indexing and blockchain querying tool for dApp developers. 

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