Why Should Students Learn about Cryptocurrency in Schools

Guest Author blog published May 23, 2019 | modified May 23, 2019

Why Should Students Learn about Cryptocurrency in Schools

The year 2010 was amazing because it brought a new technological innovation along with it. The blockchain technology made a debut at this time and alongside it was the pioneer digital asset/cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. A few years later, alternative coins (altcoins) began to make their way into the decentralized model of finance that became imminent ever since then. Given the success of these initiatives and their complexity, students often use free essays online to make cryptocurrency research and understand the way they function. They also try to make their own investigation in the field with the help of different supporting data and using a free online plagiarism checker for students to avoid any problems with uniqueness. However, it is not like they need to compose the story of an hour summary, analyze cannon bard theory, describe Freytag’s pyramid, or dwell on the most prominent static character in Moby Dick. Due to the relevance of the topic and learners’ involvement in up-to-date technological advancements, there is even no need to use a plagiarism checker for students as they try to make the research on their own.

Because of the inputs made by cryptocurrencies over the last decade, teachers and individuals with interest in the educational sector are considering the incorporation of Bitcoin education into the sector. Below are the reasons why that move is crucial.


  • Teaching the Impact of Value with the Cannon-Bard Theory


The unique feature about these digital assets (cryptocurrencies) is not just the immutability but also the change in value. It’s on record that the market is volatile and can change in the twinkling of an eye.

We’ll analyze this using the Cannon-Bard Theory, which posited that humans encounter physiological and emotional changes because of the circumstances around them (stimulus). In this case, teaching about cryptocurrencies in schools will be beneficial mostly to high school finance internships that will now have a better understanding that the value of a product can change at any point in time.


  • Pushing Coding with Freytag’s Pyramid


Gone are the days when coders and developers rely on traditional Java language to code web-based platforms. Since the inception of the blockchain technology, new coding languages such as Python and C++ have come into the public domain. In the same regard, taking students on Bitcoin education and the blockchain helps them to master the use of these coding languages. That way, no one wouldn’t be left behind in the growth of technological frameworks.


  • Summer Programs to the Rescue


It may be a daunting task to find a place for classes on cryptocurrency research in the curriculum. As an option, high schools can offer summer/dedicated programs for students that want to garner knowledge about cryptocurrencies. This way, there won’t be conflicts in the traditional curriculum that runs in the educational system.


  • Developing a Generation of Crypto Traders


Contrary to popular opinions that Bitcoin education is hard, students can actually become professional cryptocurrency traders while schooling. Therefore, learning about this amazing innovation is vital because it helps in developing a new set of financially-independent individuals even while at the early stages of their education.


  • Creating Financial Literacy


Almost everyone in the world today is striving to be financially independent. Ever since the global economic meltdown that created loopholes in the economy and ripped holes in the pockets of many, it became imperative to have another means of income and be aware of different types of business strategy game. When students learn about cryptocurrencies and start making researches on them, it creates a new approach to generating income because they would learn how to invest with their digital assets.


  • Learning is beyond the Classroom


It’s an excellent idea to learn about digital currencies, but nothing is more thrilling than using the knowledge to create “a future out of the walls of a school.” There’s no doubt that students that are passionate about cryptocurrency research and who have gathered some expertise in the field, would go ahead to become enigmas in the years to come.

Learn about Cryptocurrency in Schools

The cliché, “catch them young” readily comes to mind regarding the impact of teaching about cryptocurrencies in schools. Take a cue from the benefits listed above and start developing yourself in the field and the blockchain technology.

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