Wisebitcoin Lists the SXP/USDT Aggregate Trading Pair

By Stan Peterson
Published July 14, 2021 Updated July 14, 2021
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Wisebitcoin Lists the SXP/USDT Aggregate Trading Pair

By Stan Peterson
Published July 14, 2021 Updated July 14, 2021

Wisebitcoin is pleased to add Swipe (SXP) against USDT as an aggregated trading pair. Trading for this new pair opened on July 5, 2021.

With aggregated trading pairs, Wisebitcoin automatically takes buy and sell orders from its users and places those orders on both Wisebitcoin as well as other network exchanges. As such, aggregate trading does not support deposits and withdrawals. However, this approach ensures that traded tokens and assets are in full reserves and are available for trade on Wisebitcoin’s cloud network of exchanges.

Aggregate trading helps high-growth platforms such as Wisebitcoin to quickly provide users with access to liquidity for new and popular crypto tokens and assets. Furthermore, using an innovative local and external order matching mechanism, Wisebitcoin’s aggregate trading system provides transaction speeds and user experiences that are similar to those seen when placing orders for other trading pairs on Wisebitcoin.

About SXP (Swipe)

Swipe is a card payment infrastructure for cryptocurrencies. It powers a robust platform that enables businesses to create card programs for users to spend anything globally.

By integrating with Swipe, you can create, manage, and distribute branded virtual and physical cards, leaving Swipe to manage all of the regulatory, compliance, and network responsibilities so that you can quickly launch your program with Swipe’s banking partners and direct licenses.

Swipe’s virtual and physical cards come with custom branding, NFC support, and programmable settings that allow you to enable different features, such as foreign transactions, card blocking, PIN controls, and more. The cards are compliance-ready as well, and Swipe handles all of the KYC and identity verification requirements based on the regions you operate in, all via a single, integrated API.

Finally, with real-time access, you can enjoy full control of transactions on the network and can create custom logic to approve or decline different transactions for individual cards, users, or points of sale.

You can learn more about this exciting project by visiting https://swipe.io.


About Wisebitcoin

By providing liquidity, fast transactions, low fees, and a clean, intuitive UI to traders, Wisebitcoin makes it easy to invest in the crypto space and to trade popular, high market cap tokens and assets. By adding aggregate trading for SXP to the platform, Wisebitcoin opens the doors to investment in a new, decentralized cards payment solution that is making waves in the market.


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