Bitrue Joins the League of Leading Crypto Exchanges on CoinGecko

By Stan Peterson
September 13, 2021 Updated September 13, 2021
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Bitrue is a well-known establishment active within the crypto exchange sector that focuses on high-quality crypto trading services since its formation which occurred in 2018. This particular crypto exchange platform recently made headlines when it entered the top15 rankings for spot exchanges as per the CoinGecko website and data.

What Made CoinGecko Include Bitrue in the Rankings?

CoinGecko, similar to CoinMarketCap is an online data aggregator trusted for its independent, unsponsored, and frequently updated data. Over 10 million users are associated with CoinGecko and leverage it as their source of accurate and complete information for everything related to cryptocurrencies. CoinGecko provides carefully selected and updated rankings for various crypto projects after considering several factors like liquidity, security, popularity, and capability of the team.

  • Commitment to Userbase

Now that CoinGecko has accepted Bitrue as one of the top 15 spot exchanges currently active in the market, the exchange platform is seeing an increase in trading and sign-up activities. The Chief Marketing Officer of Bitrue, Adam O’Neill has stated that despite being 3-years old, the exchange platform has come a long way by delivering quality services and functionalities to benefit the growing number of users which are mostly crypto trading enthusiasts having a keen interest in DeFi, loans, staking, and weekly new coin listings.

  • Adding ADA, SOL, XDC

Another reason for clubbing Bitrue with its several other renowned peers in the above-mentioned rankings is its recent announcement of adding support for some of the industry-leading blockchain and smart contracts. In order to expand its reach, Bitrue, the digital asset exchange included Solana, Cardano, and XinFin but that is not all. Bitrue also grew its base trading pair list by including 6 additional crypto trading pairs against USDC as a means to provide their users with alternatives to Tether (USDT). The cryptocurrency exchange is committed to list new projects and support advanced chains to position themselves as a leader in digital asset exchange.

  • New listings

According to a statement from O’Neill, Bitrue is also attempting to proceed with secured listing procedures for new and promising crypto projects like GALA, XDC, and LUNA. These quality projects have successfully made returns of 100% within just a few months which shows that if offered to Bitrue customers, these high-quality projects could bring considerable and worthwhile investment opportunities for both long and short-term traders.

  • Decentralized Governance

Bitrue has taken advanced steps to bring forth decentralized governance by allowing capable cryptocurrencies to be listed on their platform if they receive sufficient support from its community. Voting to list a new crypto project is done by staking Bitrue’s native cryptocurrency known as BTR Coin. When the community of a cryptocurrency successfully gathers 4 million votes, then it is listed as per Bitrue listing norms. All kinds of emerging crypto projects are allowed to partake in the community voting-based listing by registering here.

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