How VersoView’s Rewards and Branded Tokens Could Revolutionise Digital Publishing

By Achal Arya
Published May 1, 2021 Updated May 1, 2021
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How VersoView’s Rewards and Branded Tokens Could Revolutionise Digital Publishing

By Achal Arya
Published May 1, 2021 Updated May 1, 2021

Until now, corporations, brands and publishers have been faced with time-consuming and expensive options when it comes to the conversion of their printed publications to digital media. Their vast catalogues have either been converted into clumsy flip-books lacking brand voice, readability, and community building; or they have had to fork out huge sums for a team of experts to manually do the job. 


A Gap in The Market

VersoView offers the perfect all-in-one publish engage and reward solution to fill this gap in the digital publishing market. with an AI-backed automated process that will seamlessly convert printed material to web and Android/iOS App content for a fraction of the price. VersoView have also created incentives such as Branded Social Tokens to build and engage communities around the publications. This not only benefits the readers, but publishers will stand to generate revenue from products, services and advertising in these active communities. 

The VersoView Ecosystem 

VersoView is an engagement and rewards platform that enables brands, businesses, educational partners and publishers to utilise its platform to build thriving communities around their content; rewarding them for their loyalty with branded Social Tokens.  

The all-in-one solution uses patent-pending AI technology combined with blockchain to seamlessly transform printed content into aesthetically pleasing, readable formats across all end-user experiences, without the high costs or lengthy manual editing processes. 

VersoView aims to increase community engagement with VersoRewards, a program that incentivizes platform users to hold VVT (the VersoView currency), and reward the communities built around the publications and brands on the platform. Using anonymous data from traditional methods of media profiling, VersoPlus enables direct ad placement and connects the appropriate readers with the publications of most interest to them, so that everybody benefits. 

What is the $VVT Token?

The VersoView Token ($VVT) is a multifunctional, deflationary token that connects all users of the platform and fuels the whole ecosystem. VVT is used for payments in the ecosystem and also acts as a staking mechanism for minting branded Social Tokens. Communities that are built around publications, corporate reports, educational material, brands or product stories will be fuelled by their own individual, branded Social Tokens. 

Publishers are able to earn VVT in advertising revenue and are rewarded for producing high-quality content that garners increased digital views and subscribers. Subscribers, on the other hand, are rewarded with VVT or branded Social Tokens for their thoughtful interactions and loyalty.

Branded Social Tokens

The innovation of branded Social Tokens means that corporations can convey their brand voice effectively, and foster more engagement with their community. Brands, businesses, educational institutions and publishers are able to reward customer loyalty by staking VVT and minting their own branded Social Token within the VersoView ecosystem. 

This progressive loyalty program rewards readers for their meaningful contributions and steps away from the outdated rewards models that lacked scalability and failed to convey brand voice and attract new readership. 

Revolutionary Digital Publishing

The VVT ecosystem with branded Social Tokens provides a ground-breaking mode of digital publishing that will finally allow businesses, institutions and publishers to convert their content seamlessly, while engaging and rewarding their growing community. Branded Social Tokens serve to strengthen the communities surrounding publications, stimulating business growth and engagement. 

Alpha Release of VersoView

VersoView recently announced the alpha release of their platform, which features the award-winning inflight magazine eColours, and is expected to be used by over 2 million passengers of the five-star airline, Garuda Indonesia.  Users will be able to access eColours via the VersoView app on Google Playstore, or in the entertainment offerings during the flight.  

With the Beta release just around the corner, there is no better time to join the ecosystem than now. To learn more about Verso Rewards check out this link.


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