New Slogan for Bitget: Better Trading Better Life

By Stan Peterson
Published July 21, 2021 Updated July 21, 2021
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New Slogan for Bitget: Better Trading Better Life

By Stan Peterson
Published July 21, 2021 Updated July 21, 2021

Derivatives Exchange Bitget announces its new slogan: Better Trading Better life.

The announcement says that since its launch in 2018, Bitget has recorded exceptional performance levels in derivatives exchange with its rich trading experience and innovative product system. With “Better Trading Better Life,” Bitget will enable every user across the globe to enjoy a liberal, extreme and fair trading experience and realize their financial dreams through the use of leverage.

The shift from “Easy to Get Easy to Exchange” to “Better Trading Better Life” shows that Bitget has upgraded its development strategy. With its global expansion, Bitget is reaching a more extensive user base from different countries. “Better Trading Better life” represents Bitget’s vision to provide diversified trading options and excellent services as a first-tier global derivatives exchange.

In an interview last month, its CEO Sandra talks about the three core strategies of the platform. “Bitget will continue to focus on derivatives exchanges and improve its products and services of its key feature – contract trading. We put users at the heart of our processes and will provide inclusive services that are unique and competitive,” says Sandra, “We will also expand our global footprint and deliver extreme operations to accommodate local market needs. In this way, we can fulfill the need for users to trade and enjoy better services.”

Up to now, Bitget has more than 1.5 million registered users in 46 countries and regions, including Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Russia, and Turkey. With an average daily trading volume of $5.6 billion, it has ranked TOP5 worldwide. As a platform in pursuit of perfection and innovation, Bitget has pioneered to launch the USDT-Margined Contract, One-Click Copy Trade, and Quanto Swap Contract. These three flagship products are all meant to provide the best services to our users.

With our first-of-its-kind USDT-margined contract, Bitget offers diversified products to be traded with USDT as the margin. This new feature is intuitive for users to operate and can better guarantee their investment returns in bear markets. Its One-Click Copy Trade helps novice users to earn profits more easily by copying the trade of experienced traders. After a year, the platform has attracted tens of thousands of elite traders and completed a total of 8 million copy trade transactions, making it the world’s largest cryptocurrency contract copy trade platform. In April this year, Bitget initiated its Quanto Swap Contract, supporting multiple currencies to be used as margin, eliminating the need for users to exchange currencies before trading. This innovative effort has dramatically improved fund utilization and delivered a most secure environment for users to trade at ease.

Since its launch, Bitget has maintained stable operations during several highly volatile conditions where downtimes are frequently seen in other larger platforms. Such steady performance has earned it recognition and trust from the community and users. Up till now, Bitget is the only exchange in the industry with an A+ rating for 12 SSL indicators. It also made into the list of the world-renowned security rating agency CER.

When asked to comment on the new slogan, Sandra said, “A good culture is essential for a company to seek long-term growth. The new slogan ‘Better Trading Better life’ is to inspire us to create a better platform for the users where they can enjoy a liberal, extreme and fair trading experience. In the future, we will work to make our services available in every corner of the world.”


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