10 Ways to Make Your Crypto Marketing Campaign a Success

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August 8, 2019 Updated April 9, 2022
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Now that you’ve completed your blockchain project, how do you market it to the world? Assuming you have a splendid whitepaper that defines your purpose, legality issues, and token distribution, here are ten ways to promote your blockchain startup.

#1: Be Transparent and Detailed

Blockchain investors watch out for certain things before investing in a project. Can they comprehend what your project is about? Are you transparent about how you will use funds? They also read your whitepaper to find essential information about your team and advisors.

If you want your project to become popular fast, publish all vital information on your website and whitepaper. Tell the world why your ideas matter and what problems you’ll solve. Don’t be afraid to talk about your uniqueness.

You could also compare your approach to solving blockchain problems to what other companies do. But be professional and objective. If you’re addressing a fairly complex issue, be as detailed as possible. Also, vividly talk about the small steps you’ll accomplish over time.

#2: Invest in Marketing Staff and Resources

One marketer can only do too much for your business. You need a host of social media specialists like Algo affiliates, PR experts, storytellers, bloggers, and vloggers to really succeed as a startup. You also need customer representatives to answer questions asked on your website and other channels.

Together, your team of marketers helps explain to the world what problems your blockchain project will solve in the best way they can understand. Storytellers, in particular, offer a human touch to your business.

If resources are tight, find ways for everyone to multitask and still be productive. Let the CEO get involved in the marketing process. Ask the technical department to tweet about your ideas or your advisors to communicate about your business online.

The tried and tested method of referral-based marketing is still robust and effective in 2019. Reach out to independent crypto bloggers and offer them commissions for bringing new customers to your business. Also, give out airdrops to create excitement about your project even for a while.

#3: Make Sure your Marketers Understand your Project

Before you direct bloggers to create content for your project, get them into a room with the developers. Make the marketers understand the ins and outs of your business. Many of them are excellent content creators but may not understand cryptography, math, or even the blockchain.

The best tech marketers are not only creative, but they also understand what they market in great depth. As a business, you should also keep the advertising department in close connection with your development team.

You want your marketers to represent your business to the world accurately. But they can be correct and updated unless you talk to them regularly.

#4: Position your Startup to the Right Audience

In business, positioning involves highlighting your strengths to your customers so that they can favor you over your competitors. You could be another ICO trying to replace Bitcoin. But how are you better than BTC?

Do you offer better transaction speeds? Does your project provide anonymity to traders? Outline your strong points and let the right audience know about you. But first:

  • Examine your competitors to understand their strengths and weaknesses
  • List the benefits you will offer to customers
  • Segment and reach out to your audience effectively

Market segmentation is a vital part of any business’ marketing process. This applies to crypto projects too. Not everyone knows what a crypto trading platform is. And maybe you’re promoting a new altcoin exchange site.

Conventionally, marketing experts segment audiences based on demographics, geographical locations, and their values and interests. That way, it’s easier to promote your ideas to the specific audience likely to purchase from you.

#5: Invest in your Website

Facebook, Reddit, YouTube, and Twitter are effective in helping you get the word out there. Still, you need a website to help you publish information that remains relevant for months and years.

With social media, you must post new content daily. You could talk about your project’s MVP today. But tomorrow and the following day you must publish new things for your audience. By comparison, a website enables you to create content that remains helpful in the long run.

Once you publish a Q&A page on your site, you don’t need to create a different web page for that purpose. Instead, you can index your website so that it appears on Google searches when new customers try to find it.

Of course, you probably have a website to help funnel sales during the ICO phase. But start to view your site as an information hub; a place where your customers can find crucial information without asking for help.

#6: Foster a Community

Creating a community around your blockchain business involves constant communication, embracing trends, and showcasing your human side.

Communicating efficiently enhances your customers’ brand experience, says Forbes Magazine. That means replying to custom questions on Telegram, Twitter, and blogs. It also means sharing important information about your roadmap proactively.

Besides effective communication, try new things. Experts call this concept ‘experimental marketing.’ If you believe your YouTube adverts and tweets aren’t getting the word out fast enough, come up with something different.

Burger King tried out experimental marketing earlier this year, and it worked marvelously. Basically, the fast-food network searched for people’s old tweets from ten years ago and liked them. They targeted famous Twitter users.

Predictably, these people retweeted what Burger King was doing to their thousands of followers. Bloggers and vloggers talked about. Average Twitter users shred their confusion, and a few celebrities acted mad about it.

Later on, Burger King tweeted their reason for doing what they did. They were bringing back funnel cake fries, something they first introduced ten years ago.

Despite creating a marketing campaign that went viral, Burger King spent no money. And that’s the ROI being creative can bring to your blockchain project.

#7: Be Consistent

If you decide to tweet thrice per week, don’t change to one tweet. If you decide to publish one blog post a week, make it a habit. Customer loves a company that’s available for them, and being consistent helps people anticipate your updates.

Consistency also applies to your branding efforts. Your company logo, colors, and quality of support should remain top-notch over time. Don’t offer live customer support only to take it away a month later. Part of building a brand involves creating subtle visuals and experiences people identify your crypto project with.

#8: Promote user Generated Content

The most successful crypto projects succeeded through the help of customers. It’s the Reddit users who keep creating memes about your project that can make it go viral. It’s through referral marketing that Binance spread to the world so fast.

Allow people to share their opinions about your blockchain project. In fact, ask them for help. Google tried this through its famous “20% policy.” And while it involved their employees, Sergey Brin and Larry Page once said Google Ads, Gmail, and Google News were all created due to the policy.

With Google’s 20% Policy, employees are allowed to spend 20% of their office time working on individual projects they believe could help Google’s customers. For your blockchain project, you can involve both employees and customers and observe what they develop.

#9: Be Careful with Shortcuts

In the crypto-sphere, investors have a fondness for projects with a high number of social media followers. They pay attention to startups with 50,000 Twitter followers and ignore those with fewer followers, even when they may have better ideas.

This may tempt you to take shortcuts like buying social media followers or using fake software to hype up your blog reads. It can work in the short term. But over time, people will realize your startup built on lies.

And if they find out you’ve been buying likes and engagements on forums, they’ll avoid your project like the plague.

#10: Evaluate your Marketing Campaigns Regularly

Assess your marketing campaign’s performance after a month or two. Did you achieve the number of Twitter followers you wanted? Are people engaging with your posts? Evaluate your project’s growth in terms of performance indicators like traffic to your site or new sales.

Compare the cost of your campaign versus its achievement. Was it worth it? Is there anything you should improve? Get rid of what’s not working and replace it with new ideas. Experiment with something different and set new goals for the next campaign.


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