PR: Capverto to Offer the Crypto Banking to the “Unbanked”

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Capverto is a Denmark based company providing digital currency in the form of prepaid cards. The company made headlines on April 15th, 2018 when it announced the launching of their ICO pre-sale. The services that the people get to enjoy with Capverto have been divided into two parts. One is simple trading wherein anyone can trade in cryptocurrencies.

The second one allows the investors to follow the top traders and know the trades that have been profitable which includes a prepaid card as well that works at the ATMs present all over the globe. Owing to the popularity and prevalence of prepaid debit cards all over the world, Capverto Exchange has included the, into their ICO and cryptocurrency product suite.

About Capverto exchange

Capverto Exchange provides a platform for the population that is not part of the banking system and wishes to explore the realm of cryptocurrency. The bank-like structure offered by the program is based on a prepaid card which is quite easy to use. The working structure of Capverto token (CAP) offers some advanced and beneficial features as well for the investors such as cash back facility, a digital currency trading platform, peer to peer money exchange, and an innovative cryptocurrency insurance product. The characteristics that Capverto Exchange and CAP boast are quite better as far as these services are concerned in comparison to other digital currencies platforms.

Prepaid cards offered by the company have been divided into four categories such as blue, gold, platinum, and black. Blue is the basic one while platinum and black can only be acquired by an invitation. The blue card has been priced at $100. After the purchase, this value is added to CAP utility tokens, and the purchaser must hold this value for at least six months. Once the card and CAP are linked, the value of the latter is influenced continuously. This value is not influenced by the initial purchase of the card only, but by the subsequent activities as well related to Capverto Exchange account. During the holding period of six months, the value is likely to increase as every time the card is used, it affects the CAP also. Every time a card is used, up to 2% of the transaction gets invested in CAP, irrespective of the color of the card. The entire working design of the prepaid cards by Capverto Exchange makes it quite a powerful and investor-beneficial for cryptocurrency and its features are also quite similar to the world of fiat money.

The user-friendly trait of Capverto is what makes it quite popular among the investors. In addition to its functionality that lures the interest, the other facet that attracts attention is its trading fee. Each trade carries only 0.25% transaction fee which is far better than other platforms. To ensure the security of the system, everyone on Capverto is required to submit an address proof and a utility bill which is at least 3 months old. The address proof supports KYC (Know Your Customer) and anti-money laundering security.

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