Decentralized Finance Platform YIELD App Aims To Eliminate The Complexity In DeFi

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Decentralized Finance Platform YIELD App Aims To Eliminate The Complexity In DeFi

Decentralized finance platform YIELD App is aiming to tap into the $23 billion DeFi market with an aggressive roadmap for 2021. The platform also plans to enhance the adoption of DeFi products across new retail and institutional customers.

YIELD App is planning to release its high yielding DeFi investment platform to limited users in January. The team will gradually release the platform to 50 users every 24 hrs.

The platform offers users a bridge between traditional finance and the soaring DeFi market in a bid to eliminate the complexity that is synonymous with the DeFI ecosystem. YIELD app also plans to enhance how users interact with new DeFi innovations, the report reads.

What Is YIELD App and how it helps Crypto users?

YIELD App is a new platform that aims to bridge the traditional finance system to the rising decentralized finance ecosystem. The platform provides new DeFi tools for new users in DeFi providing and making them “accessible as traditional savings accounts and investment packages,” the statement further reads.

YIELD’s management platform offers high yielding returns to investors and the platform allows users to deposit their traditional currencies, invest, manage funds, and withdraw profits. This reduces the risk and complexity associated with the DeFi market for new users. The platform also provides a simple and user-friendly financial architecture that pays profits to users on a daily basis and payouts are delivered directly to users accounts.

Founder of YIELD App, Mr. Tim Frost is Bullish on Defi adoption and said,

“We are building a bridge to traditional finance and redefining how everyone sees DeFi and Digital Banking”

YIELD App Advantages and Roadmap Ahead

On full launch, YIELD App will release a high yielding platform to users fully functioning with multiple investment funds, crypto wallets, fiat ramps, a bank card program and an interest bearing savings account . To participate on the platform, users will need to deposit either USDT or USDC stablecoins to their accounts and select one of YIELD’s managed portfolios. The minimum deposit amount is $100, which users can choose to either invest part or all of their funds in the portfolio earning a minimum return of 10% APY.

To earn more from the fund, users can select to hold the YLD token earning a minimum return of  12% to 20% APY. The profits are paid out daily in the native YLD token. Thus increasing users portfolio performance and the returns from investing in the app. The YLD token launched in December 2020 and is currently trading on Uniswap and BitMax, with an initial circulating supply of 33.3 million, representing 10% of the total supply.

YIELD app will release the trial web platform to 50 random users on their platform every 24 hours. To participate, users need to register on the App using their email and await their chance to be part of the early users.

Once the full release of the platform is complete, YIELD app will work on integrating new fiat on-chain ramps, launching a new mobile app and supporting additional assets including ETH, DAI and BTC.


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