Nov, 24
DGTX Rewards Program Causes Huge Liquidity Influx on Uniswap

In the few short days since Digitex launched its DGTX Rewards Program via the world’s largest decentralized exchange Uniswap, the company has seen a massive influx of liquidity on its Uniswap market, with over 27 million DGTX and 1300 ETH pledged, worth approximately $1.58 million. That translates into one of the highest APYs in the

Nov, 19
SushiSwap TVL Surges to $1Bn Despite More Fund Access Concerns

Uniswap clone SushiSwap has been the primary beneficiary of the collateral exodus from the leading DEX. However, more coding issues have emerged that could result in anonymous addresses accessing those funds. When Uniswap liquidity mining incentives ended on November 17, over $1.7 billion in crypto collateral left the protocol for greener pastures. A large portion

Nov, 18
Chainlink holders patiently waiting for the ultimate liftoff to $18

Amount of LINK held by top-non exchange holders at a near all-time high as price breaks above $14. LINK/USD is largely in the hands of the bulls but higher support above $14 is need for the final leg up to $18. Chainlink finally stepped above the crucial level at $14. The impressive price action followed

Nov, 17
Uniswap Liquidity Plunges by 45% After UNI Liquidity Rewards Program Ends

Uniswap, the number one DEX platform saw a massive dip in its on-chain liquidity as the popular UNI liquidity mining rewards program came to an end on September 17. The liquidity movement out of the exchange was expected as the rewards for the liquidity providers would dry up. The plunge in liquidity comes just days

Nov, 16
2020 Ends With Banks Getting into DeFi, DeFi Startups Mimicking Banks

The notion that Bitcoin would one day wrest control away from the banking industry and grant financial sovereignty to the individual was percolating around cypherpunk internet forums soon after the protocol launched in 2009. Then, the summer of 2020 gave rise to the birth of decentralized finance (defi), and the idea of autonomous financial control

Nov, 13
Why The Closure of UNI Yield Farms is Bad For Uniswap

With just five days to go until closure, Uniswap yield farmers are getting jittery as there will be a lot of liquidity that needs to go somewhere. Uniswap joined the DeFi farming frenzy on September 17 when it launched four Ethereum based liquidity pools for farmers to earn its native UNI token. In the weeks

Nov, 12
Beam Launches a Confidential DeFi Platform BeamX

Beam, a confidential and scalable blockchain, is set to launch a new DeFi platform, BeamX, on Nov 19. The mainnet release is expected in Q1 2021. Beam, a Mimblewimble-based platform, is set to launch its own confidential and scalable decentralized finance (DeFi) platform, BeamX, on November 19. The new platform aims to promote the creation

Nov, 12
Chainlink rocket at the Launchpad, ready for the ultimate liftoff to $20

Chainlink consolidation is likely to extend before a majestic breakout to $20. The hypotenuse of the ascending triangle must hold for the bullish outlook to materialize. Chainlink recovered significantly from the support at $7.5, established in September. The buyer congestion zone came in handy following extended declines from the resistance from the yearly peak at

Nov, 11
DeFi Market Outperformed Overall Crypto Market by 18.4% Weekly Gains

After a significant correction through October 2020, the DeFi market has bounced back very strongly once again. Over the last week, the DeFi market has outperformed the overall crypto market in terms of the overall percentage gains. The Defi market cap surged 18.4% over the last week against the overall crypto market gaining 11.4%. Moreover,

Nov, 11
07:30 price rockets to $20,000 as DeFi roars awake rolls to life again after embracing a market bottom at $8,000. The DeFi boom is quickly coming back as tokens within the sector record impressive gains. is among the biggest gainers in the last 24 hours following an impressive rally. The decentralized finance (DeFi) project is up over 27% to change at $18,790.