Jun, 10
Unmarshal expands its data indexing and querying protocol to Polygon Network

Unmarshal, a Multi-chain DeFi data network that describes itself as a protocol delivering granular, reliable & real-time data to dApps recently released a product suite for the Polygon blockchain comprising API suite, notification data and WebSockets. With this suite, dApp developers building on Polygon can now deploy Unmarshal’s Notification API giving off at-a-glance notifications for

Jun, 10
A Closer Look at Uniswap V3: The Good, Bad and Ugly

On May 5th, Uniswap V3, one of the most awaited updates in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space, launched to better liquidity provision, new automated market-making (AMM) features, and a host of other developments. Uniswap V3 has seen its trading volumes grow by more than 80% in less than a month compared to its predecessor, Uniswap

Jun, 10
Credmark’s Uniswap Tool Introduces DeFi to Risk Modeling

Proper risk modeling is an urgent need in the blockchain industry. Common DeFi practices such as crypto loans are currently overcollateralized by necessity since there is no way to determine any individual user’s credit. This is why platforms such as Credmark are creating tools that could change the current paradigm, unlocking new opportunities for the

Jun, 4
International Olympics Committee Dabbles Into Sports NFT Looking At Strong Demand

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is looking ahead to launch its own Sports NFTs thereby capitalizing on the massive growth of the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) market. As per the latest report from Bloomberg, the IOC is willing to sell “digital versions of collectible and tradeable Olympic pins” of famous mascots and posters. Besides, it is

Jun, 1
DeFi Adoption is About to Skyrocket Again?

Decentralized finance, or DeFi, is quickly becoming recognized as the premier use case for blockchain technology — thanks to the freedom it provides for users and the efficiency improvements DeFi apps offer over their legacy counterparts.  But while the DeFi ecosystem on Ethereum alone exploded from a $1 billion industry to a $90 billion one

May, 28
DeFi On Tezos Gains Momentum Due To Its Cheap, Green, and Efficient Nature

Decentralized finance is a compelling industry capable of unlocking many new use cases, services, and products. That can only work if the underpinning technology is fast, reliable, and cost-efficient. Tezos may be the next major blockchain for DeFi, as it checks many of the right boxes.  DeFi on Tezos Is Popping Off Numerous blockchain ecosystems

May, 28
BurgerSwap Flash Loan Attack on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Sweeps $7 Million In Losses

Binance Smart Chain (BSC), the Ethereum-competitor for DeFi protocols, is facing severe flash loan attacks since the beginning of May 2021. The latest victim has been DeFi protocol BurgerSwap. The platform recently updated that at around 3 AM on Friday, May 28, BurgerSwap faced a flash loan attack on BSC wherein the attackers swept $7.2

May, 25
AutoShark Finance Is the Latest Victim to the Third Flash-Loan Attack On Binance Smart Chain In A Week

Flash loan attacks on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) are becoming an everyday affair now. DeFi protocols are becoming much more vulnerable to attackers exploiting the (BSC) platform. In a third flash-loan-attack incident within a week’s time,  AutoShark Finance has been the latest victim. Blockchain security and data analytics firm PeckShield reported this incident and

May, 23
Binance Smart Chain-based Bogged Finance Falls Victim to Flash Loan Attack, BOG Tanks 98%

The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is becoming more vulnerable to flash loan attacks on the DeFi protocol running over the platform. On Saturday, May 22, BSC faced a second such attack in a week’s time with the victim being the Defi protocol Bogged Finance (BOG). Earlier this week, a similar incident was reported for BSC-based

May, 20
BSC-based Pancake Bunny (BUNNY) Tanks 90% Following Flash Loan Attack

In another news from the crypto market crash, Binance Smart Chain-based DeFi token Pancake Bunny (BUNNY) tanked 99% following a flash loan attack. A massive 700K BUNNY coins were liquidated and sold into BNB and ETH. The BUNNY price came all the way crashing down from $167 to $25 in flash seconds. However, some of