Earn Bitcoin in a right way with Bexplus!

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Earn Bitcoin in a right way with Bexplus!

Bitcoin price rose from less than $1,000 to $20,000, then declines to a low of $3,600. There are more than 300 bitcoin exchanges all over the world. Most of the exchanges show that the bitcoin price has descended by 70%.


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Most of the Bitcoin investors exaggerated claim that they lost billions as the bitcoin price fall down in 2018. As the time goes into 2019, in order to get profit on bitcoin, many investors believe that other than the “old-fashioned” way as the spot trade in the normal exchange, they may pay more attention in buying or selling futures contracts.

Here’s a look at the differences between spot and the futures trading market.

As we all know, the bitcoins are as the prize to whom for dealing with complicated mathematical questions. This action is called “mining”. After Bitcoins are coming up from the “Mathematical land”, It can be traded for dollars or other fiat currency, or the other tokens in an account called the digital wallet. In order for trading, most of the digital wallets are base to cryptocurrency exchange like Coinbase to help traders to keep Bitcoins.

Bitcoin Spot market and normal stock market are very similar, the price of the bitcoin is based on the supply and demand. There does not have a central bank, or the Federal Reserve to control the whole market. Because of the high secured technique base and high similarity currency system, Bitcoin attracts investment from risker. Its value depends on speculators who consider what others will pay in the future. The critics blame the bitcoin market encourages bubbles. The believers regard it as the huge potential profits.

However, People expect bitcoin price would rise without limited, but the truth is this nice wish has gone away. In 2017, Bitcoin price rise from less than $1,000 to $20,000, then decline to a low of $3,600 by the end of 2018. Base to the data from most of the exchanges, the bitcoin price has fallen by 80% compared to the price at $20,000. Fortunately, the increasing investment from Wall Street firms shows that the major financial powers still expect Bitcoin or cryptocurrency to a part of the financial landscape, which means that Bitcoin or cryptocurrency will not vanish. However, cryptocurrency and financial professions predict that the Bitcoin price, compared to 2017, will be at a low level by a couple of years. The late investors may need to sustain the loss for a long time. It is the reason why there are increasing investors trading future contract in specific exchange.

A futures contract requires the owner to buy or sell a Fundamental commodity or currency at a settled price on a given time in the future. traders owned the contract which represented or supporting by corn, crude oil or bitcoin. The gains or losses are reflected base to the price of the contracts themselves as the underlying asset rises or falls.

“There are over 10,000 cryptocurrency exchanges which provide spot trading. It caused a plethora situation at the moment. The Malign of competition increases the risk of trading ” said Mr. Zeller,” CEO of Bexplus exchange “the advantage of bitcoin futures trading is being able to predict on its price to keep away from dealing with the shortcomings of the cryptocurrency exchange space.”

So, what is the benefit of future trading in cryptocurrency area?

Ms. Collins, who is the Marketing directors of Bexplus exchange said: “compared to spot trading market, the pros for trading future is that it is an effective system for traders to keep the chance to earn profits as Bitcoin price rises or falls. It can also be an effective tool to discover price or become part of strategies to help for risk management. Bexplus is one of the leading exchanges which focus on future trading in cryptocurrency. We provide maximum 100 times leverage for traders to invest less but have the chance to win more. Our platform is founded by senior blockchain architects and experienced financial traders from 2016. We base on Hongkong and have offices in US, UK, Russia, and other 7 different countries. We also provide 23 languages versions for investors all over the world. We devoted giving traders an enjoyable trading experience.”

Bitcoin is one of the most volatile trading categories with high risk and profit. However, this is the advantages day traders and the traders who hold the Bitcoin at the low price. Traders may find out that the volatility is the key to the day traders or traders who hold the Bitcoin at the low price to develop profitable trading methods. Although the bitcoin history is short, the increasing of bitcoin trading volume is unbelievable. If future trading is following up, we may see the bright future in cryptocurrency area.


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