HADA is well in the Crypto Game: Public Sales Phase 1 to Launch on November 16, 2021

By Stan Peterson
Published November 17, 2021 Updated November 20, 2021

HADA is well in the Crypto Game: Public Sales Phase 1 to Launch on November 16, 2021

By Stan Peterson
Published November 17, 2021 Updated November 20, 2021

Cryptocurrency holds the unprecedented to revolutionize the way we see assets. It can change the world more than we can ever imagine.  One of the leading catalysts in the crypto world is the HADA or Hashdance. In essence, it is an exceptional crypto wallet. In fact, HADA is the mainstream exemplification of blockchain technology’s true potential.

Moreover, a one-stop solution and platform cover all the integral aspects of blockchain technology. In addition, it is equipped with a native token of the Hashdance wallet. HADA coin holds the laurel of the 100 billion supply count. This makes the ultimate game-changer. The token is readily available at the ERC-20 Standards. With high hopes, HADA public sales phase 1 will go live on November 16, 2021.

Let us now have a look at HADA’s tremendous Ecosystem.

The HADA Ecosystem

HADA Ecosystem provides the perfect value to its clients. This ecosystem leverages the clients to experience a wholesome crypto experience. We will now see what components make up the HADA Ecosystem experience.

Hashdance Wallet: Having a crypto wallet is the ultimate luxury with convenience. With this wallet, you can perform transactions on an ERC chain. Users can even integrate with the ERC products without the need of providing private keys.

Hashdance E-commerce: HADA enables you to experience e-commerce with a modern approach. Now, you can sell or buy anything online and pay with your HADA wallet. In this way, online shopping or trading becomes easy for you.

Hashdance Swap: A multi-chain compatible and decentralized protocol for exchange aggregation. This gives you instant access to various chains like Ethereum, Polka Dot, Elrond, and BSC, on a unified platform. HADA’s core product is entirely focused on aggregating the liquidity for various protocols.

Hashdance Entertainment: HADA believes that money-making is better when there is fun element is added. That is why; HADA is coming up with cool blockchain mobile games. What’s better than you are earning crypto if you score well in these games.

Hashdance Insurance: A credible crypto platform is incomplete without a strong protection aspect. HADA keeps that in check with its Hashdance Insurance. This covers crypto theft and crypto capital loss.

Great news for you here! HADA Public Sales Phase 1 is going to live on November 16, 2021!

Save the date! All the true crypto enthusiasts, you cannot miss it. HADA’s Phase 1 of public sales will take place from November 16 to 19, 2021. Be a part of a revolutionary crypto community and avail all the benefits of the HADA Ecosystem.

Details about HADA Public Sales Phase 1:

Date: 16 November to 19 November

HADA to be sold: 60,000,000

Price per HADA: $0.00014 (Every 10mil of HADA being sold, there will be an increase of price of $0.00000025 per HADA.

What the Future holds for HADA?

HADA’s glorious present speaks volumes about its bright future.

HADAis consistently expanding its horizon. Soon, HADA will seek new grounds in Vietnam and Indonesia. This will be a great addition to HADA’s global community.

Moreover, HADA is all set to boost Defi with advanced lending and staking applications. For this, HADA will introduce a dedicated Defi Launchpad. The Defi lending protocols by HADA can accelerate the interest profit. This hugely helps the platform to sustain steady growth.

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