Smart Staking With Ethbox

By Achal Arya
Published May 3, 2021 Updated May 6, 2021
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Smart Staking With Ethbox

By Achal Arya
Published May 3, 2021 Updated May 6, 2021

Looking to cash in on that new process of cryptocurrency staking? ethbox is a new interface design that can help provide transparent and user-friendly staking for first-timers and other crypto investors, in today’s diverse defi markets.

 Essentially, ethbox operates on the basis of using ERC20 + BEP-2 is already running, more token standards will be included soon tokens for large and small transactions. Developed in partnership with the DuckDAO incubator, ethbox is based on the idea that it should be easy to send and receive digital assets, and that new tools will help beginners to cut through the intimidating or confusing aspects of cryptocurrency staking itself.

The Staking Gold Rush

For the uninitiated, staking is the process of setting aside part or all of your crypto assets, and entering them into a system where you will get designated interest over time. One of the biggest reasons that this is a massively popular type of investment now is that traditional interest rates on the dollar have been slashed to near zero, and kept that way for years. So it’s next to impossible to get any kind of significant interest that way. People who don’t want to gamble on equities can move to the cryptocurrency environment, where larger interest earnings are common.

Staking with ethbox

Again, the principle with the ethbox system is that staking should be user-friendly, and require less lock-in of assets. Classically, many of the biggest user concerns have centered around two things: that they find it too hard (or think they will find it too hard) to get enrolled, or that getting involved requires too much out of them in terms of lock-in.

The way that ethbox has approached this is fascinating – instead of having the usual opt-in agreements, there is an automated process where any holder with over 5000 EBOX tokens will automatically be assigned an automated ‘share rate’ calculation. 

According to those points, the interest is divvied out, so that the holder doesn’t have to really do much of anything to gain on his or her assets this way.

There’s more to this innovative staking system. There’s a long-term bonus structure and additional share points for incubator participants. A set of transparent algorithms published on the Internet shows how these types of processes are set up.

All of this, as experts point out, supports the underlying principles of crypto and decentralized finance – frictionless transactions, automated verification, transparency and an immutable ledger. Many of the propositions that made blockchain structures so appealing in the first place are showcased with ethbox, where holding and staking is as easy as navigating a few simple web forms.

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EBOX token’s public sale went live at March 25th. A fixed-supply digital asset that will join dozens more as new innovation helps to evolve the defi sector. Check out new options for gaining on crypto holdings, not to mention micromanaging your digital assets in other ways – with derivatives, or with partnerships for spending. It’s all at our fingertips in a  newly diversified financial world.  


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