Top 3 Crypto Promotions for April 2020

By Guest Author
Published April 3, 2020 Updated April 3, 2020
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Top 3 Crypto Promotions for April 2020

By Guest Author
Published April 3, 2020 Updated April 3, 2020

The last month has been an interesting time for the cryptocurrency world. Most cryptocurrency markets witnessed a record breaking crash in mid-March, before recovering most of their losses by April. 

The overall cryptocurrency market appears to be in a strong state of recovery and many cryptocurrencies and crypto projects have experienced a dramatic uptick in activity thanks to the lockdown most countries are experiencing. Meanwhile, traditional markets like stock indices and most commodities and currencies are still struggling to recover.

In light of the current market situation, a huge number of crypto projects have begun launching promotions to give the people at home something to look forward to and participate in, with some of these offering up serious prizes to leading participants. 

With that in mind, here’s three of the most interesting promotions currently going on right now.  

KuCoin x Newscrypto Cashback Program

Newscrypto is a blockchain information platform with a simple goal—help everybody, regardless of means or experience to understand the fundamentals of cryptocurrency trading.

To achieve this, Newscrypto offers a wide range of educational materials through the Newscrypto school, which provides lessons on important industry topics, including cryptocurrency fundamentals, trading basics, coins and strategies and more. 

Platform users can also access a wide range of community predictions, charts for popular cryptocurrencies, a list of upcoming airdrops and several more advanced tools with their premium plans. Premium plans can be paid for in its own native utility token Newscrypto Coin (NWC) and unlock access to several powerful features, including sentiment indicators, arbitrage and performance tools.

KuCoin, a popular cryptocurrency exchange, is currently running a promotion for NWC token holders, called the Newscrypto Cashback Program. The exchange is offering 60% annualized interest for users that lock up Newscrypto Coins on the platform for a 90 day period. Users can lock up a maximum of 200,000 NWC (currently worth ~$5,565) and the promotion will be closed to new participants once a fixed cap is reached. 

Participating in the Newscrypto Cashback program is as simple as depositing NWC to your KuCoin wallet and then withdrawing it to the LOCKNWC address on the platform. 

StormGain Coin Contest

StormGain, is a rapidly growing cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform that specializes in cryptocurrency perpetual futures.

Like most cryptocurrency futures exchanges, StormGain allows its users to trade on leverage—essentially allowing them to multiply their exposure to market movements, potentially turning small movements into big gains (or losses). However, StormGain separates itself from the competition by offering an industry leading 200x leverage for its BTC/USDT contract, and providing free signals to help users make the right trade decisions. 

StormGain is also running one of the largest cryptocurrency trading tournaments of all time, but with a slight twist. Rather than requiring users to compete using real money, StormGain users need to take the 50,000 Tether (USDT) demo money provided in their StormGain demo account and use it to turn the biggest profit they possibly can by the contest end date.

As part of the StormGain Coin Contest, the 500 users that rack up the highest demo trading profits within the contest period will share a 100,000 USDT prize pool, and the number 1 trader stands to win 5,824 USDT. 

The competition ends on April 9, 2020, so there’s not long left to compete. 

Suterusu Validator Node Competition

Suterusu is a relatively new blockchain project that is designed to allow other blockchains such as Bitcoin, Litecoin or practically anything else to launch a privacy-preserving second layer. 

To achieve this, Suterusu uses a modified version of the zk-SNARKs used by Zcash, known as zk-ConSNARKs. These zk-ConSNARKs enable trustless privacy and improved scalability while eliminating the need for a trusted setup and the security concerns that this brings. 

Thanks to its zk-ConSNARKs and the Suterusu Virtual Machine (SuterVM), blockchains of all types to add an additional layer of privacy over their basic functions—enabling private payments on public blockchains, private smart contracts, anonymous voting and more, all without needing to change the base layer.

Suterusu’s promotion is slightly different from the previous two we mentioned in that it is a competition between Suterusu validator node holders. These validators receive a share of the Suterusu block rewards but can also participate in the Validator Node competition to win up to 2 million SUTER (around $1,760) per day until April 23, 2020. 

Interested participants can register to be a validator node on the Validator Node competition page. Each day, the number 1 validator node by the number of SUTER delegated to them will win the 2M SUTER prize which will then be shared with all its delegators.



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