Waltonchain [WTC] Set to Transform the Growing Chinese Chip Industry

By Apeksha Duhan
Published June 6, 2018 Updated June 6, 2018
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Waltonchain [WTC] Set to Transform the Growing Chinese Chip Industry

By Apeksha Duhan
Published June 6, 2018 Updated June 6, 2018

Waltonchain, the crypto Chinese project that has regularly been in news recently, has made it to the front page once again. The mid-end infrared receiver chip (XMS8088) has been developed by Silictec- Waltonchain’s technical supporter has been launched. The two other chips have also entered the preparation stage for a consecutive mass production scheduled to be later this year. The group is also reportedly venturing into multiple other sectors, giving rise to a potential wave in the market.

Major game-changer in the blockchain

The mid-end IR infrared receiver chip is low-powered and highly sensitive. Aside from the two other chips, one high-end Wi-Fi interference infrared receiver chip and the other a low-end infrared receiver chip, there is also a third- UHF RFID tag chip that has been drawing eyes since the news of its launch. It will aid Waltonchain in linking all forms of data in the Internet of Things in the future. The low-end infrared receiver chip is suitable for power batteries and general applications like toys etc.

Waltchain announced the news earlier during the day.



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Waltonchain market spreads

Earlier during the week, Waltonchain was also invited to the Great Hall of The People for the China blockchain technology innovation and development forum. The event was attended by huge names like the former Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the former president of the Bank of China etc. The forum aimed at helping companies to further explore the opportunities in the digital currency market while at the same time help in a form of innovation that contributes to the nation’s growth as a whole.

China, after widely undertaking initiatives against the digital economy now seems to be slowly relishing and embracing the idea. At the forum, while discussing the technology innovation of blockchain, Waltonchain CEO Mo Bing stated:

“The technology of blockchain is changing China’s trust system. China encourages the innovation of blockchain and aims to apply this technology in real world, however, this is a long-term process. China hopes that blockchain companies will raise funds using legal and compliant approaches, introduce strategic investors and prepare long-term plans.”  

Along with the introduction of the chips, which are sure to make a significant impact in the market, there have been reported talks of Waltonchain making an entrance into the transportation industry as well.

According to the Twitter user Dragonballaf, the project is devising solutions aimed at making transportation “streamline, efficient and safe.” The innovation will majorly comprise of smart parking and smart transportation solutions.

How the recent moves of Waltonchain will affect the market, especially the Chinese digital economy, will be clearer in the days to come.

Which direction do you think the initially closed up Chinese regulations will go after this?


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