Presale of AXL INU Tokens Begins Shortly

By Casper Brown
December 4, 2021 Updated December 4, 2021
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Axl is a decentralized exchange that supports both the Ethereum and Binance smart chains. Users with digital assets on both platforms may trade without switching platforms. This lowers operating expenses. Users may also swap between blockchains.

The AXL project’s native currency is AXL. Lending and borrowing are supported along with liquidity provisioning and yield farming. Despite being the platform’s native currency, $Axls will also be utilized as a reward token. For convenience, cross-chain interoperability is permitted.

The project has announced the much-awaited presale. Participants may buy $AXL tokens. Users may purchase $AXL for 0.00075 USD per unit during the presale. Presale only accepts ETH and BNB. Only after the presale, all $AXL bought may be accessed. The token has a 100B supply, of which 25% will be accessible during the presale. Presale will be in two stages, with the first stage all set to go live.

To join the presale, users must first choose between ETH and BSC. They must then fund their MetaMask wallet with ETH or BNB. They may then exchange ETH or BNB for AXL.

The AXL platform also allows users to use the in-house NFT platform to mint their own NFT or purchase their beloved NFT. AXL Inu’s ecosystem offers up to 10,000 collectable characters, 20 ELONs, and 80 ZOMBIES.

AXL will supply market makers with AXL tokens as liquidity. Market makers usually profit from trading fees. One may lock assets in a liquidity pool for a predetermined duration using smart contracts. A percentage of the yield, transaction fees, or interest from lenders or governance tokens may be shared.

Token holders may stake their AXLs in staking pools and earn rewards and transaction fees. After the presale, four staking pools will be accessible, evenly split between the Ethereum and Binance Smart chains.

There is a DEX aggregator that will assist one in acquiring the best pricing for their deals. To achieve the best price, a trader’s transaction is distributed across numerous DEXes and the liquidity pool.

Because the system is decentralized, consumers benefit from the speed, automation, and security. Moreover, various crypto projects will create IDOs and distribute tokens using the AXL launchpad. The projects will need AXL tokens, the ecosystem’s native currency.

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