PR: PrimeXBT – Margin Trading Is the Best Tool to Profit During a Sideways Market

By Guest Author
Published March 13, 2019 Updated March 13, 2019
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PR: PrimeXBT – Margin Trading Is the Best Tool to Profit During a Sideways Market

By Guest Author
Published March 13, 2019 Updated March 13, 2019

New research shows that Bitcoin has entered a phase of unprecedented stability, after being demonized as one of the most volatile assets the world has ever witnessed. But as volatility dries up and price stabilizes, traders become bored due to the lack of movement in price charts, and more importantly, the lack of profitable to be extracted from the rise and fall of cryptocurrency prices.

The only answer to boredom during a sideways trending market and the only tool that allows traders to remain profitable amidst increasingly tightening trading ranges is margin trading. And no platform offers a better margin trading experience for crypto traders than PrimeXBT.

Margin Trading Is the Solution to Struggling With Profit In Sideways Market

During the 2017 cryptocurrency bull run, investors simply took a buy and HODL strategy and became extremely profitable as the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies skyrocketed.

Throughout 2018, traders were able to short-sell Bitcoin at key resistance levels and generate substantial profit off the multi-thousand-dollar price peaks and troughs.

Now, in 2019, as the market slowly decides which direction it eventually wants to take – more decline or a return to bullish price momentum – the market is experiencing sideways price action, which is the worst environment for traders in general.

With no clear direction is chosen, traders often sit on the sidelines until a trend emerges, leaving any opportunity for profits on the table. However, with margin trading, even the smallest price movements can lead to enormous profits.

How Margin Trading on Prime XBT Works

Margin trading allows traders to open positions much larger than their initial capital allocation. PrimeXBT offers the highest level of leverage at 100x across all major cryptocurrencies offered on the platform.

With 100x leverage, a 10 BTC buy order will function as if the trader’s capital was worth 1000 BTC. If the price of Bitcoin increases by 25%, the trader will have generated 250 BTC in profit by using leverage, whereas without leverage the profit would be only 2.5 BTC.

Positions with leverage can be opened as a “short” or a “long,” providing traders with the ability to profit off of both falling and rising prices. Margin trading can help traders generate significant profits off even the smallest price movements. Margin trading, however, can be risky if a trader doesn’t understand how trading with leverage works.

PrimeXBT: Minimizing Margin Trading Risk Using Advanced Order Types

PrimeXBT offers many advantages over other margin trading platforms, but the most important of which is the range of advanced order types found on the exchange. Not only can these advanced order types help to increase a trader’s profitability by ensuring the best entry prices, but by using specific order parameters to exit a position can help to protect capital and ensure a trader’s profitability.

In addition to more commonly found order types such as Market, Limited, and Stop orders, PrimeXBT also offers an OCO (One Order Cancels the Other) order type for advanced strategies and allows traders to set stop loss and take profit prices to both new and existing orders across all order types.

These important stop loss and take profit prices can help a trader to protect their capital should the market go in the opposite direction of an open order, or can help traders lock in profits before a pullback or retrace occurs.

These optional order parameters can also provide traders with peace of mind, as they don’t have to closely monitor or babysit positions – the PrimeXBT platform will do it for them.

By being intelligent with stop loss and take profit setups, traders can minimize nearly all risk associated with margin trading.

Taking Advantage of PrimeXBT’s Customization Features For Even More Profit

PrimeXBT offers a variety of helpful widgets that’ll improve a trader’s arsenal. Some widgets are designed to provide easy access to the most helpful tools built directly into PrimeXBT, while others offer traders an edge.

The included advanced charting capabilities can arm traders with valuable knowledge on key resistance or critical support zones to help decide where to set stop losses or take profit. Chart analysis can also help traders prepare for the market’s next move, by discovering patterns in price movements, and can even help traders plan entry points for their positions.

The platform offers customization features that’ll appeal to any trader at any level: from novice to intermediate, to professional and everybody in between.

PrimeXBT’s Industry Best 4-Level Referral Program

No information about PrimeXBT and its ability to generate revenue for its traders is complete without mentioning the platform’s four-level referral program. PrimeXBT’s referral program can help a trader generate substantial revenue without ever making a single trade.

Users that refer another user will not only generate earnings off the referred user’s trading fees but any users the referrer refers, up to four levels deep.

The more an individual shares their referral link, either through their own personal network or via social media, the more opportunity for earnings exists.

Conclusion: Traders Can Improve Profitability with PrimeXBT

In today’s cryptocurrency market, the conditions are more confusing than ever, and more traders are opting to sit on the sidelines and wait for volatility to return in order to generate profits. But PrimeXBT proves there’s no need to wait, and significant profits can be produced with the right trading tools and smart trading strategy.

By first understanding margin trading and implementing the use of PrimeXBT’s industry-best 100x leverage, and by intelligently using the platform’s advanced charting software to best utilize the variety of order types offered by the exchange, traders can discover a whole new world of profit-generation.

PrimeXBT’s sign up takes under a minute and requires no KYC. Given the profits, traders are already turning, and its attractive four-level referral program, it’s no surprise that PrimeXBT has become the most exciting project in the entire crypto landscape, and has the entire industry buzzing over its features not found elsewhere in the space.


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